Sunrise in Indonesia, a dive into Nature

Any sunrise, any sunset is always worth contemplating. And if it’s a holiday in Indonesia, no doubt even more so. Undoubtely, a sunrise in Indonesia is a dive into nature. One gets up early without any effort or sorrow in order to enjoy one of the most incredible miracles in life. Imagine a sunrise on an island at the edge of the horizon, slowly waking up with you as you start your day in paradise; simply divine.

Indonesia, the paradise of pure nature and mega biodiversity, offers spectacular sunrises and sunsets, which one can only imagine to see in films. Every corner of this country, the 17,000 islands, will leave you in awe. Be it in the jungle, in the mountains, near a volcano, in a native village or on the seashore where the ocean waves gently lap at your feet – wherever you are, Indonesia will cast its spell on you with its idyllic sunrises and thought provoking sunsets. 



Let’s introduce you to some places where your mouth will be open and your eyes will be wide open. Here we go.


Flores Island and its Mount Kelimutu

Pulau Flores is one of the smaller Sonda Islands, an arch formed by several islands that go more or less from Timor to Java. Bathed by the Sea of Savu and the Sea of Flowers, this island is known for the indescribable beauty of its Mount Kelimutu, a volcano that has three lakes whose water changes color without even knowing a certain periodicity, that is, in the same year can vary in color five or six times, and not all three at the same time, but each at a different time. The causes that provoke this marvel of nature are unknown; however it does not prevent us from enjoying such a great spectacle, the sunrise in Flores.


Source: Granny off the road


Komodo National Park

Not far from the Island of Flores, to the west, we find Komodo, Rinca and Padar, also belonging to the Lesser Sonda Islands, and which together house this national park, a World Heritage Site since 1991, and one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World since 2011. Created and known by the Komodo Dragon, Komodo National Park is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet, where any corner, no matter how remote, will leave you speechless. Are you ready to see one of the seven most wonderful sunrises in the world?


Toba Lake

Lake of volcanic origin (the largest in the world) located on the island of Sumatra. It originated after a major volcanic eruption that occurred. It is estimated to have erupted between 70 and 77 thousand years ago. Its beauty is, however, indisputable. The sunrise near this majestic lake, from one of the picturesque Batak houses, will be something you will never forget.


Source: Viajes Indonesia en tus manos

Source: Indonesia en tus manos

Gam Island, Raja Ampat

One of the islands belonging to the archipelago of Raja Ampat that has paradisiacal beaches worthy of the best wallpaper, crystal clear waters that showcase unique sea beds for their beauty and diversity, indescribably beautiful fauna and flora. The first rays of sunshine sparkle over the ocean and enter your cabin as the sun appears over the horizon and welcomes you to a new day. Your dream of a sunrise in paradise becoming a reality. 


Lovely pic from our guest Simon S


But be prepared and organize your trip, as many of these places can be quite busy or hard to get to. The beauty of these places can be so immense that one cannot resist but visit. But don’t worry, you can always enjoy real postcard views, and visit any corner of Indonesia, a real dive into Nature. Wherever you are, the soft breeze and the warm caress of the first rays of the sun will awaken your desire to live life, to contemplate the beauty that Mother Nature has to offer.


Now close your eyes, take a deep breath, imagine yourself on a beach in Raja Ampat! The still faint sunlight fills all your senses, the sea breeze refreshes you, the sound of the waves awakening your thoughts as you take it all in. 

Now open your eyes, you’re on an island in Indonesia, on the Isle of Gam. Your astonished eyes contemplate the most beautiful sunrise you have ever seen, the sunrise in paradise. Don’t blink. 


The best good morning! Selamat pagi!