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Raja Ampat may be known for its spectacular diving and snorkeling, however it also has a unique landscape and a surprising geological history with its more than 100 islands. Over the years, the tectonic plates have collided, displaced and extended, creating a unique landscape, formed by limestone islands which makes exploring this area a true wonder to experience. If you are a nature lover and wish to experience some of the culture and history that surrounds us, then have a look at some of the tours we offer! A visit to Indonesia would not be complete without seeing the Raja Ampat!

This tours are combined with diving or snorkeling, we are flexible and can organize a tour following your request.


No visit to Raja Ampat would be complete without visiting the iconic Fam islands. It is an excursion that leaves everyone who visits it speechless, without a doubt an experience that you cannot miss during your stay with us, at Biodiversity. These islands are located in an area of ​​700 square km in the Pacific Ocean. Through eons and the thrust of waves and currents, accompanied by consistent winds and weather conditions, they have created a mysterious landscape made up of spectacular limestone islands. They are some of the best islands of Indonesia.

Duration: Full Day (8:00-17:00) – Two dives or Snorkel Sites and Lunch and view point-

* We recommend that you bring sunscreen, a cap / hat, sunglasses, a photo / video camera, and cash. 

Note: There is a supplementary fee of Euro 60 for this trip (min 4 pax), as it is further away from the usual dive and snorkel sites.

Time to start your trip!

Your journey starts from the Biodiversity Resort at 08:00, followed shortly by an up- close and personal look at Yenbeser and Friwin Villages, as you enter the open expanse of the Dampier Straight. Many migrating species of fish use this straight as a shortcut between Gam and mainland Papua, on their way to other feeding grounds in the Pacific. It is thus not uncommon to see Dolphins, Leaping Manta and Devil Rays, as well as Pilot Whales, while being left speechless by the sheer beauty and striking contrasts of this stunning remote part of our world, commonly known as “Paradise”

Fam Island Group Visible!! Finally

After a pleasant trip of approximately 1 hour 45 minutes we will arrive at our first dive and snorkel site called Fam Slope s. As you descend this slope you will be hypnotized by the beauty of the marine life, which is possible due to the currents passing through that provide a rich source of food for all species. While enjoying the splendor of the reefs, you should always keep a watchful eye into the blue, in case a 5-7 meter Ocean Blanket makes a grand appearance.

You’ll Feel Like Robinson Crusoe

At the surface interval, we stop off at a secluded stretch of deserted beach for our tea, coffee and homemade snacks (it is considered one of the best beaches in Indonesia). Here you can be lucky to see monitor lizards about a meter long walking on the tree branches or on the sand. They are very skittish and will most probably run off when they see you approach. It is the perfect spot to take in the unique landscapes and diversity of the area.

The Best Dive of Your Life

The second dive and snorkel site, Melissa’s Garden, is the most famous and a place where you will see incredible biodiversity and be in awe at the richness of marine life. This place is Mother Nature’s way of teaching us how gardening should be designed. Hard corals create a varied range of colors, within which they house all kinds of marine life; Wobbegong sharks, Crocodile fish, ancestral Giant Clams, Rifle shoals, Tres Tails, Damilian fish among many others. It will leave you breathless!

Time for a lunch Break!

Lunch will be served in a very quiet place, surrounded by large mangroves while you take a walk and observe the young of the Punta Negra Sharks that inhabit the roots of these peculiar mangroves . This is also the perfect place to see the Archer fish  skillfully “shooting” water at unsuspecting insects.

Your day will be completed with a climb up 300, well maintained, wooden steps to the iconic Fam Islands view point .The views from the deck are incredible. A set of uninhabited islands with spectacular landscapes of karst cliffs, completely covered in green trees, shrubs and tropical plants, will provide you with that envious holiday memory to take home and show to friends and family. Tropical birds like Parrots, Herons and Frigates fly over the area, while turtles play in the turquoise waters below. In short, you will fall in love with this dream place!

Update Your Social Media Profiles!

After you have returned from the view point it is always good to jump in the cooling water below before jumping on the boat and heading back to the resort. You will arrive around 17:00 and that evening it will be difficult for you to assimilate and understand the magnitude of this amazing landscape. Only when you get home and show your photos to your family and friends, having to defend that there is no photoshop involved, you will realize with a smile that you have experienced something truly unique!

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Arborek - West Mansuar - Sawandarek Jetty (Seasonal)

This trip offers you the chance to see two of the top three jetty’ s in the Dampier Strait. It is a full day out filled with fun and excitement.

The dives and Snorkel sites are spectacular and offer you a variety of marine life!

This is a full day tour which includes.

  • First Spot: Aborek
  • Second Spot : West Mansuar
  • Picnic Lunch: Sawandarek Jetty
  • Third Spot: Sawandarek Jetty


Duration: Full day (8:00- 17:00), three dives & three dive/snorkel sites

* We recommend that you bring sunscreen, a cap / hat, sunglasses and a photo / video camera

Note: There is a supplement charge of EURO 30 (min 4 pax) for this excursion as it is further away from our usual dive & snorkel sites.

Ready to start an exciting day?

We will leave at 8am from the resort, giving you the chance to wake up to the best Indonesia Sunrise. You will pass the villages of Yenbeser and Friwin, as we cross the Dampier strait. Take on the breath taking scenery and the clear waters as we make our way up the west of gam towards your first dive site.

Kit up and jump in!

This jetty is a photographers dream with thousands of fish found under the jetty such as schooling jacks hunting on the smaller silversides, Soft and hard corals and giant clams, found to the one side of the jetty. It is not an easy dive due to the strong currents you can experience here, but for those with experience it is a spectacular one. Due to the difficulty of this dive we recommend divers have advanced open water and at least 30 dives with experience in currents. Arborek is one of the 3 main Jetties in Raja Ampat

Ready for more excitement?

Just around the corner from Yenbuba is West Mansuar. It is a challenging and deeper dive, but the rewards are justified. Most of the dive is between 25 and 18 meters (the deep part) so we must watch our bottom time closely.  The marine life is abundant with larger schools of fish, barracuda, sharks and sweetlips to name a few (the current part).  The corals are also very healthy and range from soft to hard corals with fish cleaning stations along the way.  Due to the difficulty of this dive we recommend divers have advanced open water and at least 30 dives with experience in currents.

Time to eat

After your two amazing dives, you will be ready for lunch. Lunch will be served at Sawandarek Jetty. Here you can sit and enjoy the fish from the jetty or take a walk around the village.

Bucket list dive

This is a “on the bucket list “must visit jetty because of the diversity you can find all in one area. You start your dive at Sawandarek jetty making your way down to 14m. One the way down you will encounter beautiful soft and hard corals surrounding metal Manta ray structures which have been put in place many years ago for coral conservation. For the turtle lovers you will encounter larger than usual green turtles, Giant clams and large schools of fusiliers and barracuda. It also has a wide variety of macro life.

We will return to the resort around 17:00pm after an adventurous fun filled day of diving and snorkelling.


This trip offers you the chance to see the mangroves that inhabit Raja Ampat, the beautiful breath-taking landscapes of Mansur Island, as well and the unique wonders that each dive site offers. The dive and snorkel sites that have been chosen have a mix of everything from macro to micro as well as spectacular coral gardens. These sites have some of the best snorkelling in Indonesia.

Duration: Full day trip (8:00-17:00)

Includes: Snorkeling or Non-Snorkeling

Places you visit:
– First Spot: Mangroves
– Second Spot: Aborek Jetty
– Third spot: Sawandarek jetty
– Picnic Lunch: Aborek
– Visit to Aborek village during lunch break

Note: As of 2020 there is a supplementary fee of 40Euros p/p (min 4 pax) for this trip, as it is further away from the usual dive and snorkel sites.

Time to start your trip

We will depart the Resort for 8:00, giving you the chance to wake up to the best Indonesia Sunrise. We will make our way past scenic landscapes of isolated white sandy beaches, with overhanging coconut trees and turquoise waters surrounding krast rocks all while we skirt Gam islands shoreline as we make our way closer to West Gam area.

Time to kit up

Your first dive and snorkel will be at the mangroves. This sites offers a magnificent opportunity to view the roots system of the mangroves which protect most of the juvenile species, as well as corals that grows amongst the roots. You will be able to photograph the corals and the trees all in one photo. You will then descend down the coral slope discovering many of the bigger juvenile species amoung the coral reef. This site has a great deal of Nudi Branches to discover as well as schooling barracudas and sting rays as well as Mantas.

A quick break and back in the water!

Your surface interval will be at one of the beaches in the bay of the mangroves, an excellent change to observe these complex trees from the land.

Your second dive is at Aborek Jetty where you will have the opportunity to discover the giant clams that are found scattered around the area. It is a very popular location to find Nudi Branches and passing Black tip reef sharks. When you start approaching the jetty you will find large schools of reef fish schooling together. There is a wonderful pinnacle that you are able to easily swim around and find many interesting marine life. Fantastic opportunity for wide angel photography.

Lunch is served!

Lunch will be served on Aborek Island, where you can walk around the village or just sit and observe the many beautiful corals and fish just beneath the jetty. This is the perfect spot to relax and prepare yourself for your next dive or snorkel.

Save the best for last!

Your last dive and snorkel site is on Mansuar Island at Sawandarek jetty. This is considered one of the most beautiful jetty’s in Raja Ampat. You can expect to see big green turtles, giant clams, school sand schools of fusiliers, breath taking colourful coral garden and metal manta sculptures where they are growing coral as part of coral conservation. It truly is spectacular and the best way to end off your fun filled day of diving and snorkelling.

We will return to the resort around 17:00pm after an adventurous fun filled day of diving and snorkelling.

Manta Sandy (Seasonal)

This is an exciting excursion where you can encounter the spectacular Manta Rays, including Mobula Mantas, Oceanic Mantas & Black Mantas. They come to this cleaning station year after year to be dewormed. It is one of the few places you can come face to face with these majestic giants.

Duration: Half day (8:00- 12:30), two dives & two snorkel sites

* We recommend that you bring sunscreen, a cap / hat, sunglasses and a photo / video camera. 

Note: There is a supplement charge of Euro 25 (min 4 pax) for this excursion, as it is further away from our usual dive & snorkel sites.

Lets start your trip

We will leave at 8am from the resort, giving you the chance to wake up to the best Indonesia Sunrise. You will pass the villages of Yenbeser and Friwin, as we cross the Strait of Dampier. It is here, where during the months of October to April a large number of these magnificent specimens gather to feed on the abundant plankton of these waters. They also go to the “cleaning stations” where they stop briefly to allow the Wrasses to clean them of all the parasites that have accumulated during their long migrations.

Time to be amazed!

Your first dive/snorkel site will be at Manta ridge. This is a more exciting dive as you will need to use a reef hook to hook onto rock. The current is usually very strong, which is good because this is what the Mantas love. You will find yourself hooked up to the rocks, floating over the beautiful diversity of coral and marine life and all of a sudden a Manta will effortlessly float over the top of your head and sit just in front of you, giving you that perfect camera shot!

Snorkelers will jump off the boat after all divers are in the water, for safety reasons. You will be on the surface close to the cleaning station, swimming just above the Mantas, however besides being above the cleaning station you can also swim along the reef where you can encounter the Mantas breaching the surface as well as making their way to the cleaning station. Again keep your distance and do not chase them, they will come to you if they wish. It is an amazing view to have of the mantas from the surface and sometimes you will even see more than what the divers see.

Break time and then back to the magic!

Your surface interval will be on Aborek Island, or if the tides are correct, on a sand bank where you can have some tea, coffee and snacks.

Your second dive will be Manta Sandy where you will descend to 16m. Divers will wait behind some rocks for these elegant creatures to emerge from the blue. On a lucky day, we have come to see 20 Manta Rays, playing and circling around the cleaning stations, resembling a busy airstrip, where each Manta ray patiently waits its turn to be dewormed. We have a strict policy of not getting too close to them, as they are easily scared and will leave the area, not returning for a long time.  You will wait for about an hour observing these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

Snorkelers will be on the surface close to the cleaning station swimming just above the Mantas. They have a really different view and have been known to spot more than the divers. You also have the benefit of exploring the reef more as the mantas move about below you.

A memorable return

We will return to the resort around 1pm, where you will talk of your mantas stories to fellow guests over a delicious lunch, and most probably spend the rest of the afternoon remembering your unforgettable lived experience.



The passage is a narrow channel that separates Waigeo Island from Gam Island. It is an absolute pleasure for the senses, with breath taking landscapes, crystal calm waters and enchanting sunsets, a true wonder of nature. It boasts some of the best beaches in Indonesia and we like to think some of the beast islands of Indonesia.


Duration: Half day (15.30 – 18.00), cruise though The Passage and break at the homestay.

* We recommend that you bring sunscreen, a cap / hat, sunglasses and a photo / video camera. 

Note: The price of this tour is 35Euros (min 4 pax).

The tour leaves from our jetty for 15:15. You’ll cruise through Kabui Bay, marveling at the bays, mangroves, towering karst limestone cliffs and the turquoise waters that edge Gam Island. You will pass a traditional fishing village, where all the houses are built on stilts above the water. It is a very picturesque moment, which will give you a small insight into the culture of this area. You will then enter the passage through a maze of islets and make your way through to the other side. This is the magical moment when you will drift silently through the passage with the hills of both islands on either side of you. Take this time to listen to the sounds of the forest and gaze in to the turquoise waters; it really is a humbling experience.

On your way back you will stop at an isolated homestay at the top of Kabui Bay with a unique view of the entrance to the passage, for a coffee and homemade snack. Once your sweet tooth has been satisfied you’ll head south back through Kabui Bay just in time to see the yellow, orange and pinks of the setting sun as it sinks behind Gam Island. You’ll return to the resort at around 18:30.


For this tour you will be following the footsteps of the well-known biologist Alfred Russel Wallace, who navigated through this channel in 1860 describing it as, “The canal entrance-which resembles a small river-is surrounded by steep rocks, after a 2km winding route it emerges in a gulf studded with numerous small rocky islands… forming one of the most picturesque landscapes you have ever seen.” Even today, it closely resembles its description, giving you a sense of adventure and awe as you drift silently through the passage taking in all the sounds and sites that engulf you.




An abundance of shallow reefs, close encounters with colourful corals and other creatures of the deep, abundant fish bio-mass make it the ideal spot for your diving vacation in Indonesia.


Immerse yourself in some local and historical culture in a visit to the neighbouring villages or birding in the jungle.


The Raja Ampat islands may be considered one of the best snorkelling destinations in Indonesia, this is because you can find marine life as shallow as 5 meters.