Plunge into the world's hotspot for marine biodiversity, Diving in Raja Ampat will blow your mind!


Looking for a dive center in Raja Ampat to enjoy one of the best diving places in the world? At Raja Ampat Biodiversity Resort we offer you a complete experience in a unique environment, a team of expert divers to accompany you and teach you all the underwater secrets and quality material that will wait for you every day ready for you to enjoy your dive to the fullest.

Within the offer of the diving center we offer you several diving packages available to adapt as much as possible to your needs and make your stay, both in the resort and in the diving center, an experience.

Diving Area

Our diving centre is located in the main building, near the reception.

The equipment wet-room and rinsing area is adjacent, and all active equipment is stored neatly there. Our staff will have it ready for you in the boat before all diving activities. You just need to check it, or else, the boat won’t go.


After diving for the day equipment will be thoroughly rinsed and stored in the wet room.

Diving Experiences

Whether you want to discover the waters of Raja Ampat by diving or snorkeling, in our diving center we have a proposal for you and we can adapt it to your knowledge and needs.

If you are interested in diving in Raja Amapt  Biodiversity Eco Resort we have dive sites for all levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. So if you are a beginner, don’t worry! We will make sure that you visit dive sites according to your level and experience.


Here is a typical day for all our divers who are diving with us:


6:30am –          Our team will start preparing the boats, load and set up your equipment every morning.

7:45am –          Each diver is responsible for double checking their equipment, and briefed on the sites and this is very important to listen to.

8:00am –          The boats leave for the daily two morning dives!

12:30 –             We return from the two daily morning dives.


3:15pm –         Meeting time for the afternoon or third dive, with briefing.

17:00pm –       We return from the third dive.

Dive sites are planned in the afternoon for the following day, with the exception of changing if the weather changes unpredictably.

Night Dives

6:15pm –         Meeting time for the night dives (fourth dive), with briefing


5:15pm –          Meeting time for the Mandarin dive, with briefing. The Mandarin fish is the most colourful fish and cannot be missed when you dive in the Dampier Strait!

Our Number ONE rule: Communicate with us! Tell us what you like, don’t like, your diving style, your expectations with us, requests etc. We want to provide you with the best service, but If we don’t know we cannot help…

Entry:            We perform a backwards roll into the water – 3, 2, 1 GO – please GO on GO not before GO not after GO you GO on GO


Exit:           Please pass your weight belt, then BCD, then Fins to the boat crew after which you can exit using the ladder.


Groups:         We keep the groups to 6 per dive guide maximum, normally 4 per dive guide. Please always stay with the group this is for your safety as conditions can change on the dive sites.


Buddy Teams: We recommend that you are no more than 2 meters from you buddy (ie one breath away from your buddy) Keep your dive guide in sight at all times


Checking your air: Suggested to check every 10 minutes


Air:                 120 Bar – We ascend to 15-10 meters

                        70 Bar – We ascend to 5meters

                        40 Bar – We require you to be on the surface


Doing a multilevel dive is for your own safety and enjoyment as it will allow the nitrogen in your body to degas, which in turn prolongs your dives, giving you a 60-75 minute dive. When diving in Raja Ampat you want as much time as possible under the water, because of the exceptional beauty you fin d on every dive!


Depth: We don’t dive past 25meters and spend most of the dive in 15-10 meters


Bottom Time:          We try to do 60min dives and up to 75min dives if your air allows


Currents: We do encounter currents here in Raja Ampat. We aim to drift with the currents; however sometimes you are required to swim against the current. Follow your guides at all times as they will be assessing the area to enable a safe but fun dive.


Lost buddy/Group: Search for no more than a minute, if nobody is found, start your ascend following the reef to the shallows, in a controlled ascend. Once you are on the surface blow on your whistle provided and put your hand up making it easier for the boat to spot you.


Equipment Diving: please ensure that nothing is dangling that might touch the reef. NO GLOVES are allowed!


Buoyancy: Always be in control of your buoyancy, fins and hands off the reef, keep a meter above the reef to avoid touching anything!

The diving prices include: tanks, weights and weight belts.

  • We have full set rental equipment available for our guests. The sizes are; XS, S, M, L and XL.
  • Wet suits, fins, booties, masks, snorkels, dive computers and dive torches.
  • GoPro Hero7 and underwater cameras (point and shoot) for hire.
  • Tanks: we have 12L aluminium tanks. They are INT valve.
  • 15L aluminium tanks can be hired at €3 per dive
  • We have limited DIN adapters if you have your own adapter, please bring it with you.
  • We service all our gear every 6 months. Regulators are deep cleaned every week.
  • We have two Bauer compressors, and we keep a rigorous log of the working hours of both compressors. We change the filters in accordance with Bauer guidelines.
  • We have Five boats, best suited to the Raja Ampat seas, to accommodate all our guests’ needs. 
  • All our diving boats are equipped with a First Aid kit & First Aid Oxygen.
  • Diving boats have drinking water, hot coffee/tea and a snack for the morning surface interval break, and lunch for the full day excursions where you can visit some of the best beaches in Indonesia.


Transfer Boat:

Ventura (Spanish for: State of happiness in which a person is found who has achieved his/hers dreams/desires)

Full Cabin. This boat is used for guest transfers to and from Waisai.

Equipped with 2 x 85hp Yamaha outboard engines


Diving Boats

  • Amistad
  • Equilibrio
  • Armonia
  • Intrepida


Big Boat: Amistad (Spanish for: friendship)

For medium to big groups of divers, used for nearby and further day trips

Seating – 13 Guests

Equipped with – 2 x 115hp Yamaha outboard engines, roof top, tank holders


Medium Boat: Equilibrio (Spanish for: balance)

For medium groups of divers, used for nearby and further day trips

Seating – 10 Guests

Equipped with – 3 x 40hp Yamaha outboard engines, roof top, tank holders


Small Boat: Armonia (Spanish for: harmony)

For small and medium groups of divers, used for nearby and further day trips

Seating – 8 Guests

Equipped with – 2 x 40hp Yamaha outboard engines, roof top, tank holders


Small Boat: Intrepida (Spanish for: one who undertakes or bravely faces dangerous situations)

For small groups of divers, used for nearby sites or private use (if you wish to have a private boat for the day)

Seating – 2-3 Guests

Equipped with – 1 x 40hp Yamaha outboard engines, tank holders




Discover key parts of the resort. From our charming sea view Restaurant, the place to share the best experiences to our beach bar to enjoy one of our cocktails of the day, without forgetting the massage area.


All our beach-front cottages are well spread-out from each other to maximise privacy.

With plenty of spaces inside and outside to enjoy a relaxing stay. Each unit with has en-suite semi open bathroom, a large panoramic glass windows that can be opened to absorb sea-view, big terrace with comfortable furniture, pair of sun-beads and a beach day beds