Warm, clear waters and a breathtaking marine life


The Raja Ampat islands may be considered one of the best diving places left in the world, but it is also one the best snorkelling destinations in Indonesia and possibly has the best snorkelling in the world!

Surrounded by the clear waters of the Dampier Strait, with access to the most active reefs, we can curate for you unforgettable snorkelling experiences! Corals love the sunlight, and most of the action is at the shallow water! Both Coral reefs and marine life sit 15m and shallower, making this true gold for snorkelers.
At Raja Ampat Biodiversity Nature Resort we have a spectacular house reef a foot step from your cottage.
The coral garden in the resort is full of richness and has an abundance of biodiversity, a common sight is the Epaulette Shark, which is endemic to the area, Hawksbill Turtles, Black Tip Sharks, and quite occasionally leaping dolphins!

Join our guided snorkel excursions to explore the vibrant reefs in the Raja Ampat Islands. For you convenience, we have snorkel-accommodation packages. Or embark on a Scuba diving course.

We urge you to become an eco-tourist and recommend that all snorkels to be mindful of harmful sunscreen that cause damage to reefs. Some harmful chemicals, oxybenzone and octinoxate are the main culprits. Leave only bubbles, take only memories!


The tranquil waters in front of the resort make a perfect location were all abilities are welcome for snorkelling in Raja Ampat. The coral garden along the reef is full of hard and soft corals and the colours sparkle when hit by the sun’s rays, making our house reef feel like an aquarium full of life!

  • Daily Departure Time: Our dive boats go out in the mornings for two dives at 8:00 and return between 12:00-12:30.
  • Can Snorkelers Join? We encourage snorkelers to join the boat, because the majority of the dive sites are snorkel friendly (all except 5)and you can then experience more of the beautiful coral reefs in the Dampier Strait.
  • Snorkelling Time: Divers will enter the water first, followed by the snorkelers as there are different drop points and also for safety reasons. You will have 60 minutes to snorkel.
  • Are Snacks Provided? All included! We have a surface interval in-between dive and snorkel sites at one of Raja Ampat’s amazing islands, with the best beaches in Indonesia, to enjoy coffee, tea and homemade snacks.

If you still feel like going out on the boat to enjoy more snorkelling, our dive boat will go out for a third dive in the afternoon.

  • Afternoon Snorkelling Departure: Leaving the resort for 15:30 and returning for 17:00
  • Afternoon Snacks: Back at the resort ready to enjoy the snack afternoon.
  • Easy Afternoon Snorkelling Site: The dive site will be near proximity to the resort and snorkel friendly. Again this is the perfect opportunity to see some of the other reefs close to the resort.

Here are some important but basic tips to help keep you safe and having fun while snorkelling in Raja Ampat:

  • Swim with a buddy/guide or use flag (available at the resort).
  • Make sure your equipment is in good condition and you are familiar with it.
  • Take care of yourself – Make sure you are well hydrated before you enter the water, use sunscreen or a rash guard, do not push yourself beyond your comfort zone or skill level.
  • Be aware of the ocean – know what currents are present, look at the waves and swells and wind speeds or any other potential hazards.
  • Do not touch the marine life – this is for your own good and the good of the sea life


What others say about snorkeling with us

“Snorkeling in a little piece of paradise Spent two weeks here in January and had a fantastic time. Everything was amazing from the beautiful comfortable bungalow, the quality of the food, the friendly staff made it a great stay. Fabulous trips snorkeling every day, Mantas, dugongs, turtles, dolphins, pilot whale and all the fishes big and small, pristine corals of every colour. Then coffee and cake on surface breaks.”
John Doe
“We went on snorkeling expeditions and the snorkeled the amazing house reef everyday. I also admired their involvement with the local community and their commitment to responsible eco tourism. Because if Biodiversity, we can say that we had a wonderful experience in Raja Ampat. Without a doubt, when we go back, it would be here again.
Mike Stuart



An abundance of shallow reefs, close encounters with colourful corals and other creatures of the deep, abundant fish bio-mass make it the ideal spot for your diving vacation in Indonesia.


Immerse yourself in some local and historical culture in a visit to the neighbouring villages or birding in the jungle.


Excursions and diversions make us the perfect spot. We’ll tailor-make excursions just for you in addition to the many experiences already on offer at the resort.