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The Raja Ampat Regency and islands (meaning ampat=four raja=kings in Bahasa Indonesia), is situated off the northwest tip of West Papua Province (Indonesia), with Sorong airport as the entry point. It is an archipelago compromising over 1500 small islands surrounding the four main islands of Misool, Salawati, Batanta and Waigeo (which are the four king-islands).

It is central to a vast area of the equatorial Pacific Ocean known as the Coral Triangle (an area that also contains parts of Malaysia, The Philippines, eastern Indonesia, Kalimantan/Borneo, and the territory east of the Solomon Islands). It holds the title for hosting the world’s greatest coral reef biodiversity. And is a major epicentre for marine biodiversity with over 550 different species of corals, 700 types of mollusks and 1427 species of fish. The seas around the Raja Ampat Islands are home to some of the richest variety of species in the world, including 75 percent of all known coral species.

“The Raja Ampat islands retains its number one ranking in terms of underwater biodiversity as the oceanic natural resources are significant. According to Conservation International, marine surveys suggest that the marine life diversity in the Raja Ampat area is the highest recorded on Earth and the diversity is the greatest within the Coral Triangle.”

It has the best islands of Indonesia and the best beaches of Indonesia, making it the perfect holiday destination to visit in Indonesia.


Picture yourself in paradise, step into our long stretch of white sandy beach, known locally as Yenanas beach, about one kilometre of pristine beach and possibly one of the best beaches in Indonesia!

Where is Biodiversity Nature Resort

We are located on Gam Island (0°27.678’S, 130°41.933’E), in the central part of the Raja Ampat islands, in the area of the Dampier Strait. We are a 30-minute boat ride away from the city of Waisai (Capital of the Raja Ampat Regency, located on the island of Waigeo) and 77km Northwest of the main airport in the area, in Sorong (Domine Edward Osok Airport, SOQ).

Blessed House Reef

Indescribable emotions await you just a few steps from your cottage: you enter the warm clear waters and onto the House Reef, full corals and marine life; the ideal place for those morning or evening strolls.


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Dive Spots

5 to 30 min to the most famous dive sites Raja Ampat Islands. Warm, clear water shallow reefs make for close encounters with marine life. These healthy reefs are optimal for the best Raja Ampat diving and snorkelling.

Excursions &

We’ll tailor-make excursions just for you in addition to the many experiences already on offer at the resort. On the top of this list is the mandatory excursion to the Fam islands, just a 1.5 hour boat ride away.

Your Quest for Adventure

Follow the footsteps of Sir Alfred Russell Wallace, and see yourself exuberance of the male Red Bird of Paradise mating dance ritual, just a short trek from our location.


Let the endless array of vivid nature Inspire you