Biodiversity Health Project | June 2023 |

Biodiversity Health Project | June 2023 |

Our guests contributed to this event!

Our Intention as divers and nature lovers, is a resort that practices sustainable tourism so we can manage our natural resources, improve the lives of the surrounding communities, and maintain the quality of the environment around us.

Your stay helps us achieve these practises and enables us to follow a long-term sustainability policy that incorporates all aspects of correct sustainable tourism. For this specific event we had the generous donations of Bruce and Sharmane Mattison, that visited us in 2022 and donated 500 euros for our community projects. We don´t usually accept donations, because we believe that is our resposability to contribute in a positive way to the local community, we want to THANK YOU all and specially Bruce and Sharmane to trust us for your holidays and allow us to continue with our community projects.

Following UNWTO standards, Sustainable Tourism definition is all “Tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impact.

Addressing the need of the visitor, the industry, the environmental and the host community”. This is what we are aiming for at Biodiversity Nature Resort. Sustainable Tourism is a necessity, and at Biodiversity we are conscious about it and are taking measures in that direction. Empowering our team, engaging & educating our customers, and encouraging your collaboration. We all must make efforts to minimize the impact our activities have on our planet.

How do we do this for the communities ?

Our health projects fall under the principles we are aiming towards and are the basis for our community support programs.

We engage with the community and identify what are the most important needs, how we can support these and then evaluate their potential for a long-term sustainable practice. One need we identified was basic medical treatment and checkups. Most of the communities in the Raja Ampat are unable to afford medical checkups, as the clinics are not so easily accessible.

For Biodiversity we believe delivering free professional medical checkups twice a year, helps provide a better quality of life and support. We continue with these health projects so we can enable a long term solution to basic medical health care to those who cannot afford it. At Biodiversity, we want to demonstrate effective Sustainable Management

Our successful free medical event!

During COVID-19 we were unable to organize a health project, however during 2022 and the first half of 2023, we had many guests come and visit us, new and old faces, and because of this, and thanks to all our guests, we were able to host our fourth successful health project at Yenbeser Village.

Celebrating Our Fourth Health Event

Our 1st Heath Program
was held on December 12, 2018 with the collaboration of the Raja Ampat Health Department. We brought in doctors from Sorong who administered check ups to 34 Adults and 47 childrens in the Yenbeser Village.
The 2nd Health Program
was held on 14 August 2019 in Yenbeser Village. We collaborated with 2 Specialist Doctors from Sorong (ENT Specialist & Paediatrician) and provided ENT check ups to 143 Children of Yenbeser as well as any of the Adults that wished to have a check up. We provided food nutrition (bubur kacang hijau and Nutrition Packages, this “Bubur” is full of vitamins calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin K) and free medicine for those that needed, based on the doctor’s prescription.
Our 3rd Health Program

was held On 1st February 2020. We collaborated with Dinas Kesehatan Kabupaten Raja Ampat, Puskesmas Saonek and sponsored the Health Project in Friwen Village. This was a smaller event as Frewin Village has a much smaller population, but hosting at it another Village, meant we could extend our project to our other neighbouring Village and support them.

Our 4th Health Program

was held on the 17thJune 2023. We collaborated with Yenbeser village, the Raja Apmat Regency Government Health Department and the Raja Ampat Regency General Hospital and sponsored our 4th health project at the Yenbeser Sub district Health Center. The General Hospital sent a dentist, an obstetrician, a surgeon, a general practitioner, and a team of nurses led by Ms. Meidi Maspaitella.

In addition to the medical team from the Raja Ampat Regency General Hospital, ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialists and pediatricians from Sorong also participated in this activity (they have previously helped in us with our last three projects and it was a pleasure to have them back again to help)

This free medical treatment service took the form of a Mini Hospital where the team from the General Hospital brought medical equipment such as ultrasound (USG) and electrocardiogram (EKG) machines, and also performed minor surgical procedures.

Ontop of the more complicated procedures we also focused on general check ups, checking uric acid levels, cholesterol, blood sugar; controlling blood pressure, possible skin infections, ulcers, among other basic health parameters. We focused on providing these essential health service to all the children and adults who wished to be seen.
Secondly, though not less fundamental, personal hygiene was highlighted.

The doctors insisted on its cruciality and gave several tips to maintain personal health, from the importance of washing hands, brushing teeth and bathing regularly, as well as how determining a good nutritional education can be.
All in a days work!

The Doctors started at 8am and the event finished for 5pm. They were able to see and help over 290 patients, providing a wide range of medical care to ENT Patients, Pediatric Patients, Obstetrics and Gynecology Patients, Surgical Patients & General Patients.

During this event our staff collaborated with the doctors to ensure a smooth operation. Our staff engagement in the development and implementation of the sustainability management system, is vital for their roles and responsibilities in its delivery.
The village really came together and we would like to say a big thank you to the Doctors and their staff for contributing to our long-term Sustainability program.

A special thanks goes to Sister Rose Makusi, the responsible person at the Sub-District Health Center who played an active role in the preparation and execution of the activity.
This is the fourth successful health project we have accomplished, and it is just one of the many projects we undertake at Biodiversity to follow sustainable tourism. We have to say a BIG thank you to all our guests because without your visit our programs would not be possible.

You are the reason we can preserve our unique paradise in the Raja Ampat! Thank you

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