Raja Ampat for Beginners

Raja Ampat for Beginners

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Dreaming of Paradise? Find here your best Travel Guide to Raja Ampat for Beginners

For people who have heard all about the amazing wonders that Raja Ampat offers and are wondering how exactly to get there, what the best time to have the experience of a lifetime in that little piece of paradise is, then this Raja Ampat for beginners travel guide is just what you are looking for! 

When to visit?

Raja Ampat warm weather allows it to be a destination that can be visited anytime of the year. The sea is calmest and clearest between October to March, so it makes an ideal time for people looking for an immersive diving and snorkeling experience in the beautiful waters of Raja Ampat. November to April is migration season and there is a diversity of marine life to be seen, especially the Manta rays which are present in abundance. Mid-June to Mid-September there can be strong winds in the region which limit or suspend diving activities. Therefore, certain dive spots are unattainable during this time, like Fam islands, as the waters can become too rough crossing the open ocean. Bedides, the wind also make trekking and hiking difficult, which means the Birds of Paradise are not around as much as you would like. 

What can you do? 

Diving Courses

For those wanting to learn to dive or are beginner divers you will find exceptional pristine reefs and shallow diving. The only thing to take into consideration is the currents on some of the dive sites. So training is also recommended and can be done at Biodiversity Nature Resort

What a better time to enhance your skills than when being in the best diving spots! This guarantees maximum benefits to improve your skills as a diver. The theoretical diving courses can be done online before arrival, which saves you time to take advantage of paradisiac Raja Ampat and do the practical in the water during all your stay. The best time would be between October-April for beginner divers. 


A romantic paradise to share with your significant other

Raja Ampat for beginners or for you and your significant other! Why not having a Raja Ampat honeymoon? The pristine white sandy beaches, warm weather all year round, as well as calm crystal clear waters sounds like the ideal honeymoon destination for you and your loved one. Biodiversity offers a romantic private beach cast away experience, where you will enjoy the calm clear waters and sun kissed breeze as the sun sets over the ocean. And what about a romantic dinner for two under the stars, just the two of you!

So, if you are looking forward to doing all these activities during your visit then carefully plan the time of year you want to visit Raja Ampat! 

How much does it cost?

The most expensive part of your holiday to Raja Ampat will be the flights getting there, however Raja Ampat caters for all budgets, from local homestays, to top luxury resorts. Biodiversity is in the middle, with no fixed check-in/check-out and flexible dive packages! Besides, our rates are the best quality-price in the area.

How to get to Raja Ampat?

Your first task will be flying to Sorong from wherever you are in the world. The most common routes for that are going through Jakarta or Bali. 

Flying from Bali to Sorong 

With no nonstop flight available from Denpasar International Airport, you need to transfer to Makassar and take one of the 4 flights available per day. Each of these flights has an 8-10 hour long layover.

Flying from Jakarta to Sorong

Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta International Airport facilitates one daily nonstop flight of about 4 hours, as Sorong is the nearest airport from Raja Ampat.

Ferry from Sorong to Wasai

Next, you need to get from the airport in Sorong to the ferry terminal. You can catch a taxi, or some resorts will have someone waiting for you on arrival. The daily ferry to Waisai is operated by Bahari-Express ferry departing from Pelabuhan Rakyat in Sorong, with a daily service at 9 am and 14 pm (same time both ways) 100.000 IDR/pp 220.000 IDR/pp VIP.  Waisai is the capital city found on Waigeo Island, one of the four kings. The hotel or homestay you would have booked picks you up from this spot in Waisai to guide you through to your next destination. 

Lodging private speedboats from Wasai to your destination

From Waisai, you travel to your pre-booked resort/homestay through speedboats. Make sure you arrange your speed boat transfer before reaching the island as the infrastructure and services may not allow you to do so after reaching there. The speed boat journey can take several hours depending on what island you want to visit. You can book accommodation in advance at one of the bio diverse hotels whichever suit your needs. There are several hotels with much more advanced diving spots, so choose your accommodation wisely and plan them!

Some considerations

Make sure you carry minimum plastic and do not bring material that may damage the natural environment of the area. Rechargeable batteries and equipment are preferable since the local infrastructure may not have items available for your needs. Make sure you have prior knowledge about diving if you are planning to dive. In case you are a beginner, then do take guidance from the local trainers and read your insurances thoroughly. Indeed, a visit to Raja Ampat is a beautiful life-long experience, but your safety comes first and so it is best to be fully prepared!

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Raja Ampat Biodiversity Eco Resort is a place to connect with nature in one of the best diving and snorkeling destinations in the world!

Apart from the marine life that you can enjoy diving or snorkeling , Raja Ampat offers many other activities that will allow you to explore this spectacular part of the planet; kayaks, cultural visits to the villages, excursions in the jungle, visits to the small islands, enjoy the fauna and birds of the area (many of them endemic) …

In this blog we will share some of our adventures with you.

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