A free Health Project promoted by our Diving Resort

A free Health Project promoted by our Diving Resort

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A Diving Resort with a long-term sustainability policy

We are a Diving Resort in Raja Ampat and providing sustainable diving services is the main purpose of our business. However, since our beginning in 2013, we have implemented and continued to follow a long-term sustainability policy that comprehends several aspects of correct sustainable tourism, following the Global Sustainable Tourism Council criteria.

A Diving Resort Committed to the Local Community

Our Health Projects fall under these principles and are the basis for community support.  Most of the communities in Raja Ampat are unable to get basic medical checkups. The reason is that the clinics or hospitals are not so easily accessed, or even that the majority of the people cannot afford any medical care.

Therefore, to deliver free professional medical checkups twice a year helps these communities to improve their quality of life by providing support. By continuing with the health projects, we enable a long-term solution to essential medical health care supplied to the two villages we work closely with, Yenbeser & Frewin.

3rd Health Program

On February, the 1st 2020 we collaborated with Dinas Kesehatan Kabupaten Raja AmpatPuskesmas Saonek and sponsored the Health Project in Friwen Village. The project focused on providing health services, looking for malaria, uric acid levels, cholesterol and common illness like Flu, skin infections, ulcers to all children and adults of Frewin.

We were aware that Papua is one of the regions in Indonesia where the mortality rate from malaria is still high. Handling handling this disease, however, is still very minimal. The services we sponsored included the malaria test by providing malaria detection devices (Rapid Detection Test for Malaria). Then, if there were people in the village of Friwen who experienced symptoms of malaria, it could immediately be detected and, when necessary, actions were taken. In addition, we also offered services for common diseases. We mean coughs, colds, gout, cholesterol and skin problems. Apart from those, a package of nutrition products was distributed, as an effort to improve Friweners dietetic habits.

From these records, now we count on updated data for the next health program, and therefore this information will allow us to check if there has been an improvement in health for each person.

Once the checkups were done, the doctors presented how to maintain personal health, from the importance of washing hands, brushing teeth and bathing regularly. Patients were also informed on how to prepare a simple good nutritional meal to help supply good nutrients to the body.

Who shared this day with Biodiversity 

Taking part in this third health program, there were two doctors, 1 laboratory staff, 5 medical officers from Puskesmas Saonek, apart from 1 newspaper reporter from Radar Sorong and 1 reporter from MNC News Group for the coverage of this event.

All the medicine was donated to us by the Waisai hospital.

After the event we asked the doctors to check Biodiversity’s staff. They kindly examined our blood pressure, uric acid, cholesterol and blood sugar check. The, we proceeded to give a Certificate of Appreciation to all parties who collaborated with us in this project. 

A Big Thank You to all the Participants

From our Diving Resort, Biodiversity, we would like to say a big thank you to all the participants on this event. Not only for all their efforts during this wonderful and gratifying day, but also because they have contributed to our long-term sustainability programs with their invaluable help. These programs address environmental, social, cultural, economic, quality, human rights, health, safety, risk and crisis management issues, and drive continuous improvement.

This is the third successful health program accomplished by Biodiversity after the two previous ones in Yenbeser Village.

However, it is just one of the many projects we undertake at Biodiversity to follow sustainable tourism.

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