Biodiversity Nature Resort
Key projects

Our philosophy as a resort is to continuously uplift the communities economically and socially. These two factors play an important role and cannot work without the other, is done on the basis of mutually beneficial cooperation, to build solidarity. To us the key to success and cooperation between the Resort and the villages is to help the future generation of Papuan Children. As it is known, our current generation lays the foundations for future generations and how do they work towards our planet and its inhabitants.

Since its very foundation, Biodiversity has always been very aware of the importance of a thriving local community for the benefit of the residents themselves, but also for the natural environment and for us as a local business. From all the work performed in the area we are most proud of the following projects, divided in three key areas that demonstrate the successful implementation of our policies:

Health Programmes

Coastal villages, as we have here in Raja Ampat, are often faced with difficulties travelling to Waisai for basic health check-ups. In this way, whenever feasible, que try to bring the doctors to the village and organise a full check-up day for all local residents.

Business Initiatives

Highlight the importance of measuring and integrating the economic value of the local region into sustainable tourism. Without a fair well distributed economic progress there is no future for local communities and for the children raised on them.

Educational Programmes

West Papua province is one of the lowest in literacy and university graduates. That translates into poverty traps and low income for the whole family. Financing education we are investing in the future of new generations, assuring their access to other basic services, such as health, food security or fair employment conditions.  

Business Initiatives for the Local Community

We try to buy local products (that have sufficient quality) from the local community and support local entrepreneurs in the sale of their products, that are based on the area’s nature, history and culture.

Educational programs

West Papua province is one of the lowest literacy and university graduates. We want to focus to reduce this. Based on our desire to Improve the welfare of the people around us by increasing their knowledge and education which is the main goal.

Health Programmes

 On December 12, 2018 we held our first health project (after many hours of planning etc etc), collaborate with Raja Ampat Health Department, we brought doctors from Sorong checked up for 34 Adults and 47 childrens of Yenbeser Village, provide food nutrition and gave education about Stunting and Premature birth.

The second Project held on 14 August 2019 in Yenbeser Village. Collaborated with 2 Specialist Doctors from Sorong (ENT Specialist, Pediatrician). We provide ENT Check Up for 143 Children of Yenbeser, Food Nutrition (bubur kacang hijau and Nutrition Package, this “Bubur” is full of vitamins calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin K) and free medicine for them base on doctor’s prescription.

The 3rd Health Programme on 02 February 2020 in the villages of Friwen, in collaboration with the Public Health Department in Raja Ampat. Friweners, children and adults, were checked-up, carefully examined, and prescribed medicines when necessary. All medicine and nutrition packages were donated by Biodiversity.

The 4th Health Programme was developed on the 17th of June 2023. It was the first time we could organize after all the frozen situation derived from the COVID pandemic. After many hours of organizing and resources, we could have many nurses and doctors visiting Yenbeser village from places like Sorong. This time we were offering deeper and more specific health professionals that performed check-outs to most of the village inhabitants, preserving their health status and making sure everything was right, or detecting if something was going wrong in order to reverse it as soon as possible.

The Program focused on providing essential health services to all children and adults of the village, such as Flu prevention; checking uric acid levels, cholesterol, blood sugar; controlling blood pressure, possible skin infections, ulcers, among other basic health parameters.

Secondly, though not less fundamental, personal hygiene was highlighted and inhabitants warned of its importance to avoid diseases. The doctors insisted on its cruciality and gave several tips to maintain personal health, from the importance of washing hands, brushing teeth and bathing regularly, as well as how determining a good nutritional education can be.

Healthy Nutrition Iniciative

In 2018 it was determined that a trend was emerging in the local village of vitamin deficiencies. In response to this we started to sponsor food deliveries to the village, supplying mothers with the necessary essentials to ensure their children are getting the types of foods they need to grow into healthy adults.

In 2020 we make this once a month: We have organised a nutricional meal-activity for all the village kids (and adults welcomed too). We prepared and delivered a delicious “Bubur Kacang hijau”: green beans and lentils with coconut milk and brown sugar. This is a traditional Indonesian recipe, and recommended by the local health department to compliment the deficiencies of the local diet.

In 2023, recovering after the COVID pandemic, we have started to do a mixed event, in which we first develop a clean-up in the village raising awareness of the importance of maintaining it clean, and afterwards offering the kids the traditional dish, also as a reward of a well-done work!



Please see the different projects that we are carrying out which benefit visitors and community.


Sustainable Tourism is a necessity, and at Biodiversity we are conscious about it and are taking measures in that direction.


We all must make efforts to minimize the impact our activities have on our planet. We have a long way to go! Important to talk the Talk AND start the Walk!