Ecotourism in Raja Ampat | Supporting the future generations |

Ecotourism in Raja Ampat | Supporting the future generations |

Our Intention as divers and nature lovers is a resort that practices environmentally sustainable eco-tourism in the hope of managing natural resources, to help improve the lives of the surrounding community as well as maintaining the quality of the environment around our area. We actively support initiatives for local infrastructure and social community development through initiatives that include education, training, health and sanitation.

As a guideline on this path, our Management is certified with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council GSCT, which is the Global Baseline Standard for Sustainable Tourism practices. We use their industry criteria in our daily operations, as a guideline in our path to sustainability.

Sustainability in Raja Ampat | Raja Ampat Biodiversity Eco Resort

One area we are committed to is our education program for the children of Yenbeser. We involve the community, our employees, the government of the village and the community organisations whenever we start a program, this way everyone is involved and understands what it is we are trying to implement. We do this so the project has positive long term impacts on the community and through this can be sustained.

Here are some of the projects we have been involved in:

Essential textbooks for the children

In February 2017, we started our first project with the Elementary school of Yenbeser. The Village Chief, Mr Arnolis Dimara, mentioned that the textbooks they had at the time were very limited. To get more they depend on the distribution of Indonesian Education Department. The process to acquire more materials can take a long time because of the remoteness of Raja Ampat and the limited resources and obstacles encountered in getting the books here.

Biodiversity Nature Resort saw this need and provided essential text books and extra classroom resources for the children. We also started asking donation of books to our guest which is being a great success, we received many many books from our guest, and we decided to build a library so kids have access to this books as well as many educational toys. The idea behind this program is to provide updated learning material for the children, so they can keep up with the modern teachings.




Health programs

We have organised three health programs so far, the next one need to take place in May  2023.

The Program focused on providing essential health services to all children and adults of the village, such as Flu; checking uric acid levels, cholesterol, blood sugar; controlling blood pressure, possible skin infections, ulcers, among other basic health parameters.

Secondly, though not less fundamental, personal hygiene was highlighted. The doctors insisted on its cruciality and gave several tips to maintain personal health, from the importance of washing hands, brushing teeth and bathing regularly, as well as how determining a good nutritional education can be.


Go further than you ever dreamed – scholarship

Biodiversity is currently subsidizing during 2018 -2020, the university education of 23 students from Yenbeser Village. Students become eligible for subsidized education upon entering their 4th semester in further education, ensuring we only sponsor those who are serious about completing their studies. The students we sponsor, who are aged between 20 and 23 years old, are all in further education colleges and universities in Waisai, Sorong and Jayapura.
We started this program at the end of 2018 by enquiring which students were interested, requesting documents for prospective scholarship recipients and conducting screening and selection for scholarship recipients, until finally we got 23 students who deserved this scholarship which was spread in various regions. we have organized this program to respond to the concerns of people who are worried about the future of their children after their children finish high school, due to lack of funds to continue their education to university level.

We have a goal to help students who really deserve to get help through this program, so we are very selective in choosing students who will receive this assistance, by requiring several things including: information not economically capable of the village, academic report and student discipline in taking education.

And from the evaluation of the programs that have been running, just like other programs, we intend to expand this program to other areas around the company, one of which is the village of Friwen, which we are conducting a socialization of this program.


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