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Welcome Home

Welcome to Raja Ampat Biodiversity Eco Resort!

patrirey1Rey and Patricia would like to welcome you to Raja Ampat Biodiversity Eco Resort in  Gam Island, Raja Ampat! Home of some of the best diving in the world!

We are the owners of this small and friendly Diving Eco Resort, our maximum capacity is 12 divers.  We will be your hosts at Raja Ampat Biodiversity, our intention will be to make you feel at home and to give you an enjoyable diving holiday!  We all sit at the table for our meals, soon creating bonds with other guests, we share our daily experiences, plan our dives, and make sure your list of “must see” is all crossed-out by the time you leave.  Such personal human touch combined with lots of nature and excellent diving will be just what the “doctor ordered”!

Here, you will be in direct contact with nature at all times:  our huts are right on beach front,  and integrated with the jungle just behind them.  Here, the sounds of nature: waves, sea breeze, parrots, cockatoos, hornbills, sparrows, and occasional boats passing by is all you will hear.  When you wake up you see the ocean, the white sandy beach, seagulls…. Nature will surround you, both in land and under water.

For any kind of inquire please send us an SMS (traditional SMS or WhatsApp) or an email (info@rajaampatbiodiversity.com). We answer to all the emails but connection is sometimes difficult in paradise so please be patient.
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Our intention, as divers and nature lovers, is an environmentally sustainable eco-tourism in the hope of managing natural resources in the best possible way in order to help improve the lives of the surrounding community as well as maintaining the quality of nature/environment around the island of Gam. The layout of the resort is arranged so as not disturb native habitat, therefore an attempt to accommodate conservation of flora/fauna.  We are truly a destination for Nature Lovers


Diving in best is within the reach of all budgets!

We have created our small resort (capacity for 14 divers) with the idea of making possible the dream of so many other divers: to dive in the waters of Raja Ampat.  We offer as we would have liked to find if we were to go on our own diving holidays: no fixed check-in/check-out dates,  small diving groups, reliable and reputable diving operation, international standards, excellent and generous food, comfortable accommodation, and outstanding location! Here you will not find AC, TV with international channels, night life…  Just nature.  So, If you don’t require the pampering or  umbrellas in your drinks and other luxuries, with Biodiversity Eco Resort, diving Raja Ampat is within your reach!

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Diving with our personal touch!

Following our dream, we offer individual diving experiences in small groups (maximum 6 divers, normally 4, per guide) and we aim to give you the best quality, safety and fun!  Just as we like it, we offer long bottom times!! Maximum of 75 minutes (if your air permits!) We make the dive planning with all our guests, to ensure that your Raja Ampat experience is complete and as you have expected.


Astonishing location!

Raja Ampat Biodiversity Eco Resort is located in a pristine white sandy beach in the Island of GAM, our location is surrounded with coconut palm trees, tropical birds, and green lush jungle just steps behind our property. This paradise flows from the beach and into the sea and continues under water: our house reef is a mix of hard and soft corals with an easy access from your cottages, perfect for snorkeling spotting; turtles, devil rays, and very frequent walking sharks, ghost pipe fish and even a resident frog fish and a school of bat fish!!

We are located just 30 minutes boat ride from Waisai.  Our location is at the entrance of Kabui Bay.  Right in front of our beach, and within snorkeling distance, we have the famous Batu Lima dive site (Five Rocks).  Two kilometers away we have Yenbeser Village, Friwen Village and Saporkren Village. Raja Ampat Biodiversity Eco Resort is located right in the heart of Dampier Straits, with most of the dive sites at 5-15 min!

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The richest variety of species in the world

Discover the value and richness of Raja Ampat as an extremely interesting destination.
The archipelago is not only regarded as the largest marine park in Indonesia, but also believed to have the greats marine biodiversity in the world. With 1,427 species of fish and 75 percent of all known coral species, it is one of the few marine environments in which you can see the full range of marine life. From sharks, manta rays, batfish, groupers, pygmy seahorse or schooling jacks and barracudas.
If you wish to dive on pristine reefs with fish life as prolific as nature intended, then Raja Ampat Biodiversity Eco Resort is for you.

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General Diving Conditions

-Depth: 5  > 40m
-Visibility: 10 – 30m
-Currents: Mild to Strong
-Surface conditions: Calm (from October – April)
-Water temperature: 28 – 30°C
-Experience level: Beginner – advanced
-Diving season: All year round (Windy seasson July and August)

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Thanks for Visiting!! Welcome Home Raja Ampat Biodiversity Eco Resort.