Why Visiting Raja Ampat is a Must?

Why Visiting Raja Ampat is a Must?

Visiting Raja Ampat is a Must. A paradise located in Indonesia, this archipelago is one of the very last spectacular places on earth with potential to offer everything you need from nature and more. Its unspeakable beauty and breathtaking views will give you that experience of a lifetime you keep looking for. The beauty and vast diversity of the Raja Ampat Islands attract people from all over the world.

Yes, visiting Raja Ampat is a Must, not only for its islands but also for all the secrets this enchanting place hides: underwater activities, jungle trekking, exquisite sceneries, exotic wildlife and peaceful isolation, which is very hard to come by these days. With extremely friendly locals and the significantly delicious traditional cuisine, the experience is just outstanding and one to remember for the rest of your life!

Now we will dive into the reasons why visiting Raja Ampat is a Must and it should be on the top of your list as your next hoilday destination!

Breathtaking Views

Raja Ampat is like a piece of heaven on Earth. With its signature collection of islands, crystal clear blue waters with a mixture of turquoise, exciting endemic wildlife and all the beautiful scenic views, this place has much to offer any pleasure-seeker. Besides, the islands are surrounded by cliffs and corals that you can explore, giving you that sense of adventure and excitement for the unknown. The sunsets are sure to catch your eye and leave you dazzeled with their flawless beauty, making it a must-visit for Raja Ampat honeymoon or couples wishing to celebrate your journey together in this world!


The islands of Raja Ampat are fairly difficult to get to with a plus point of being uncheap too. The trip to reach Raja Ampat, even if you are already in Indonesia, may take up to a whole day to eventually reach your destination. It is a combination of flights, ferrys and speed boats. But in the end the journey is all worth it when you reach your little piece of paradise in the Raja Ampat!

Therefore, the seclusion of this area is what makes it so sought after, because its raw beauty of pristine white beacheshealthy crystal clear waters and endemic species above and below water is very unique to find all in one area. The immense beauty of these islands all to yourself without the worry of too many tourists. You will get the happiness, isolation and peace of mind you need on holidays!

Diving and Snorkeling

With the reputation of being one of the most biodiverse marine regions in the world, RajaAmpat offers an entirely distinct diving and snorkeling experience. It is out of the typical diving tourisim route, emphasizing on the isolation and beauty of the place. Being pollution free and largely unaffected from human interaction, marine life is extremely diverse ranging from manta rays, dolphins, dugongs, and many other bright colourful fish.

The corals cover a wide area and give you a breathtaking view underwater. Being called the Heaven for divers, Raja Ampat is bound to leave you with a lifetime experience and live up to all your expectations. For those wanting to learn to dive or further their divings skills, Raja Ampat is the right place. West Papua has all this to offer because one could even combine many beautiful diving and snorkeling destinations in one, from Misool, Kaimana (Triton Bay), Cendrawasi Bay and the Island of Baik.

Exciting Wildlife

Rare and exciting species of wildlife are inhabitants of these islands. It is a paradise for those who love bird watching and jungle trekking. With different colourful species of birds like the Red bird of paradiseWilson bird of parasite, Waigeo brushturkey and the Spice imperial pigeon the place is a must-visit for bird lovers. All these species are found on the islands in the Raja Ampat.

Other endemic species specific to this region include Papuan Garden Eel, Mantis Shrimp, Tasseled Wobbegong Shark, Waigeo cuscus, etc. You can catch a glimpse of them while you’re kayaking, trekking, diving or snorkeling around the islands. All of these activities are widely available in the area!

Check the new species found in Raja Ampat in this website:

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Raja Ampat Biodiversity Eco Resort is a place to connect with nature in one of the best diving and snorkeling destinations in the world!

Apart from the marine life that you can enjoy diving or snorkeling , Raja Ampat offers many other activities that will allow you to explore this spectacular part of the planet; kayaks, cultural visits to the villages, excursions in the jungle, visits to the small islands, enjoy the fauna and birds of the area (many of them endemic) …

In this blog we will share some of our adventures with you.

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