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Your Raja Ampat Biodiversity Resort

Welcome to Raja Ampat Biodiversity Eco Resort, one of the leading eco-friendly resorts in Indonesia and, we believe, the world.

Discover all about Raja Ampat


Thank you for visiting our website and that you are interested in our Raja Ampat Biodiversity Resort. Here you will find lots of helpful information about this little piece of paradise: our Raja Ampat accommodation is designed to pamper you, our honoured visitors, while gently enhancing and respecting the Earth. What is more, we are also celebrated as a dive resort, so here you can enjoy a wonderful quality of stay and some of the best diving around. Why not book a Raja Ampat diving package as part of your trip?

As well as diving and snorkeling we offer lots of other unique and fascinating experiences. The Raja Ampat islands are globally famous for kayaking, jungle trekking and island hopping opportunities. If you are after a more chilled and laid-back experience, you can wander around the local villages, enjoy some bird watching, or just spend time on the beautiful Raja Ampat beach. Whatever you choose to do, you will be able to relax in our sumptuous accommodation while enjoying our colourful cuisine, all in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

You will find us on Gam Island, at the very heart of the Dampier Strait, in the Raja Ampat Archipelago in West Papua Province, Indonesia.

We look forward to welcoming you to our resort; please feel free to browse our website, and do get in touch if you have any questions.

Looking for traveling to Raja Ampat? Check our post about Raja Ampat to read all you need.

Why choose us?

We cater for all budgets

At Raja Ampat biodiversity resort you can choose from three types of accommodation: Deluxe cottage, superior cottage and standard cottage. Which will suit you best?

We offer great flexibility

You tell us how much you want to dive and we can supply a dive package to suit you. Our approach to check-in and check-out is similarly flexible: just tell us when you are arriving, whatever the time of the day.

We offer an incomparable atmosphere

Here you can really immerse yourself in nature, and in a calming, friendly environment. We never have more than 18 guests, so you can be sure of a warm welcome and focus on your comfort

Raja Ampat and Biodiversity Nature Resort is


and ready to offer you the best service with all health assurances.

Explore our little piece of paradise with our best offers for domestic tourism.

Do not forget that your visit allows us to help the local economy in
many different ways and support responsible tourism.

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Proud to be one of the best Raja Ampat Eco Resorts!!

At Raja Ampat Biodiversity Resort, our aim has always been to create one of the best resorts in Indonesia, with a strong focus on eco-friendliness and sustainability. We manage our beautiful and bountiful natural resources in a responsible way and take care to maintain the beauty of the island of Gam. Minimising the impact of our presence is a priority for us, so we have, for example, build all of our huts in the traditional way, using sustainable materials and natural products such as coconut wood and thatch. Our electricity is solar-generated.

We also seek to be good neighbours, and make annual contributions to two of our local villages, Yenbeser and Friwen. We achieve all of this without any compromise in the quality of trip that we offer: Raja Ampat Biodiversity Eco Resort was featured in the June 2015 edition of Scuba Diver Australasia Magazine.

Raja Ampat Indonesia Islands


Raja Ampat is a haven for nature lovers, with astonishing landscapes, spectacular cliffs and rock formations, and tempting natural jungle. We are blessed with many species of flora and fauna; will you spot the brown spotted cuscus, or a red bird of paradise? And that’s before we even begin to consider Raja Ampat beach, an superb stretch of glorious coastline.

Raja Ampat Biodiversity Resort - underwaterworld


For diving, Raja Ampat is renowned worldwide. Diving here is special because we have an unparalleled range of marine life, from sharks, manta rays, batfish, groupers, pygmy seahorses and schooling jacks and barracudas, to schools of fusiliers, large Napoleon wrasse, white-tip reef sharks and snappers. Watch out for the red-tooth triggerfish and schooling bannerfish which you will find off the reef in their hundreds – and make sure there is plenty of room in your log-book, you’re going to need it!

Check our pages related to diving in raja ampat and Raja Ampat dive sites for more information.

Raja Ampat Biodiversity Resort - local people and culture


When you visit Papua, you will be struck by the unique natures of our music, dance and crafts. Each of the many tribes living in the Raja Ampat islands has its own dance, often accompanied by local percussion instruments such as the Tifa, mambokon and bakulu, as well as music played on guitars, flutes and shells. Why not come and experience some of our unique customs for yourself?