Visit to the village

A cultural experience

Raja Ampat form a different perspective. We have two options which incorporate the area surrounding us.

We have two single kayaks and one double kayak available. You can take them out for half day (9:00 – 12:00 or 14:00-17:00) or full day (9:00-17:00).Note: For this tour it is advisable to bring binoculars, wear sandals that hold the foot (or trekking shoes), shorts, T-shirt, cap and insect repellent – optional snorkeling gear.

The local people have been living here for generations and have adapted to modern influences, however being in a remote part of the world there is still a lot of culture to be found in the villages of Raja Ampat. This is a fun cultural experience where you will visit two villages that are a quick 5 minute boat ride from the Resort. You will get to meet some of the local people as well as walk through their villages. Being in a remote part of the world it would be a shame if you did not experience all that this paradise has to offer. The people have lived here for generations and the culture is still very much apart of their daily lives.

Our involvement with the communities as mentioned above is part of a long term sustainability management system which is suitable to our size resort which addresses environmental, social, cultural, economic, quality, human rights, health, safety and drives continuous improvement. Our staff is actively involved with the development and implementation of our projects and we actively support initiatives for local infrastructure and social community development.

Note: For this activity it is advisable to wear appropriate clothing. Bring money with you to purchase some locally made products.


Yenbeser Village

The first village you will visit is a quick 5 minute boat ride from the resort. It is called Yenbeser Village. It is the larger of the two villages and the one that we have already established long term sustainability projects on. One highlight of the trip is to visit the library which has been built for the children. It is filled with books that have been donated from all our guests who have visited. You can then visit the schools and the church. Take this opportunity to integrate with the Papuan culture or purchase a bottle of pure coconut oil because this way can you help support the local entrepreneurs in the development and sale of sustainable products bases on the areas history and culture.

Friwen Village

The second village you will visit is Friwen. It is a very small village with a small close community. You can walk from on side of the village to the next and it will be the entire length of the island. They have a school and church, which are the key buildings on the island. The children are very curious and you will soon be joined by a group of them, laughing at everything you do. You may even be invited, with luck, to a cup of tea; a perfect opportunity to exchange stories. You will then go to the iconic Friwen beach where you can cool of in the blue waters or swing under the old trees. If you stay long enough you can catch the pinks, orange and yellows of the sun as it sets behind Gam Island.



We will prepare a romantic setting. You will leave the resort for 15:00 and be taken to a secluded beach , where we will drop you off and leave you to enjoy an afternoon of peace and tranquility. Take this time to soak up the serene environment all around you on this natural island escape, a special heaven in which to relax.


Being on a kayak gives you the freedom to move about in your own time and enjoy yourself as well as the wonders that surround you.