Update your skills before diving in Raja Ampat

Update your skills before diving in Raja Ampat

Are you dreaming with a diving holiday in Raja Ampat?

Do you remember last time you made a getaway to the sea? If you are planning a diving in Raja Ampat and you have not been diving for more than a year, well, then you will have to recharge the batteries and start reviewing a few essential points that every diver should master in case of considering diving in Raja Ampat. This will guarantee that your next dives in Raja Ampat are totally safe and you enjoy them to the fullest. 

So relax, prepare your trip with time, and take note of these little tips to refresh and strengthen your skills as a diver if you dare dive in Raja Ampat:  

Prepare your diving equipment

First of all, rescue all your equipment from the closet and make sure everything is in good condition for diving in Raja Ampat. Check that your mask is not scratched; you can even wash it lightly with a little soap or bleach and rinse thoroughly with fresh water afterwards. Remember that before diving, a little saliva will avoid those awkward fogging moments. Check the fins, the surface tube, your vest, and especially your dive computer; it is essential that it works perfectly and that the battery has a correct duration. If you do not have your own equipment and you rent it at your destination, you must also ensure that everything is your size and fits you perfectly

Refresh your diving knowledge

Review the main gestures to communicate underwater. The ok is universal, just like the one to go up or down. So focus on the less common ones and make sure you remember all of them.

Talk to your instructors

Once in Raja Ampat, tell your instructors how you are physically and if you have any small discomfort that might hinder the enjoyment of the diving session. Even if it is a small cold or a small headache, let your instructor know immediately. 

Check your equipment once again

Just before going down remember to check that your vest works correctly, try to inflate it slightly. Also check the regulator, pressing to check the air outlet. All right? Is the bottle well loaded? Check out the pressure gauge.


Don’t forget the importance of deco

Always keep in mind the pressure changes under water, and all the precautions that need to be taken. Be aware of the importance of decompression when you go down: cover your nose and blow well to decompress your ears, and then expire through your nose to compensate your nostrils. The more times you do it while going down, the better you will avoid unnecessary discomfort after the dive. Also, respect the times and the upload speed, which will vary according to the depth and duration of our dive. If you do not have a dive computer, use the traditional tables, but make sure you remember how to read them correctly.

Always dive with a partner

And don’t lose sight of him. Under water, you are the only help in case of an incident.

Review the basic skills any diver must know

First one is to empty your water glasses: tilt your head back a little, hold a finger over the mask and breathe hard through your nose, ready. The second one consists of passing the regulator to your partner: after taking a breath, take your regulator out of and put it on your partner, do not stop releasing small air bubbles through the mouth. Don’t fortget you can’t hold your breath in diving. When you put the regulator back on, blow it by the mouth to remove the remains of water, or press the button to purge it. Finally, remember how to retrieve your regulator easily if it has dropped: slightly tilt your shoulder back, stretch your arm by drawing a semicircle from back to front, and then you will have it in your hand. Put it in your mouth and blow hard or purge it.

Always be respectful of the seabed

And therefore, avoid touching or taking anything, except the trash that unfortunately ends up in the ocean. 

Summing up, if you remember everything above, you can now dive in Raja Ampat with dexterity and safety and enjoy the biodiversity of the wonderful diving sites.

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