Top Ten Indonesian Diving Sites

Top Ten Indonesian Diving Sites

Discover the Top Ten Indonesian diving sites

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A country with more than 17,500 islands, Indonesia is home to one of the most incredible seabeds known to man. It has more than 3,000 species of fish, almost 700 types of coral (20% of the world’s coral surface) and vast kilometers of coastline. It is undoubtedly the mecca of diving and a spectacle of nature by land, sea or air. 

Today we present a selection of the most beautiful diving destinations in Indonesia, the top ten Indonesian diving sites.  It is an arduous task, since Indonesia has endless immersion points of incredible beauty, but also places where you can enjoy a category dive. These dive spots are known because of their undisputed marine biodiversity, crystalline waters, breathtaking colorful backgrounds, true coral tapestries, underwater volcanoes and the warlike vestiges that the sea preserves to remind us in silence day after day our mistakes.  

Lembeh strait

Located north of Sulawesi, it is one of the most sought after places by divers who love macro photography. In Lembeh you can dive at any time of the year, even in August, because although its waters lose some clarity, the number of species seen in that month is usually greater than during the rest of the year. With gentle currents, this destination is ideal for non-experienced divers, but also for those who want to capture the unusual: Mandarin goby, seahorses, leaffish, etc.


We continue north of Sulawesi. A small island belonging to the marine park, of the same name. As in all of Indonesia, diving between these coral reefs is one of Indonesia’s main tourist attractions. Caves, cracks, canyons, slopes under the sea, depths that allow both macro diving and wide angle diving, crystal clear water diving and even mud diving.

Fam Islands

Belonging to Raja Ampat, it is one of the most picturesque and perhaps most photographed places in Indonesia. This set of islets houses diving points of unsurpassed beauty and practically for all levels, for example, the Melissa Garden, underwater paradise full of corals, anemones, sponges, various fish, and even barracudas and blankets according to the time.

Our favourite one among the top ten Indonesian diving sites is very close to Fam, also in Raja Ampat. One of the most common scenarios to enjoy the Manta Raya, or giant blanket. With more than 25 dive sites, Dampier becomes a privileged dive area in Indonesia.

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Manta Raya<br>


Or islands of spices as it is also known as, near Raja Ampat, form an archipelago of more than 600 islands. Many dive sites, such as Wetar, where you can see the huge sea crocodile, or the Forgotten Islands, where sharks of various species are sighted.

Low Labuan

On the western coast of the Flowers Island, (Komodo National Park), we find a small fishing town that has numerous diving and snorkeling points. Apart from the famous Komodo Dragon, this area also enjoys incredible marine life: clown fish, barracudas, turtles, crossbow fish, and of course, colorful corals.

Source RTVE:<br>


Above Flores we find Wakatobi, one of the islands located south of Sulawesi, and whose seabed is a World Heritage Site. Bat fish, barracudas, butterfly fish, Moorish idols, turtles, wrecks, in short, another must of diving in Indonesia.

Another one of our top ten Indonesian diving sites is located to the west of the Komodo National Park, three small islands of bohemian atmosphere. They offer in addition to a few dream beaches, ideal diving areas for any level. Turtles so close to the surface, sharks in somewhat deeper waters, lionfish, scorpion fish, frogfish, corals, sponges and, finally, a spectacle of marine life. 


Karimun main island of the Karimun Jawa archipelago, located in the Java Sea. Paradise beaches of white sand and crystal clear waters make this island an ideal spot for diving as well as snorkeling. Among its more than 40 mangrove species, its rich variety in algae, its more than 400 species of fish, and its almost 200 corals visible even snorkeling, Karimun is still a paradise for diving enthusiasts.

Or Weh Island, belongs to the province of Sumatra and is located north of it. It offers diving spots for all levels, such as the Seulako Cave. On its seabed you can see sharks to stingrays, turtles, lionfish, and of course beautiful corals.

And there are still many incredible places to dive in Indonesia. You can’t miss them! Kunjungan orang Indonesia!

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