What is a resort in paradise for you? Imagine waking up every morning in some cabins on the beach, a few meters from a calm sea, having breakfast leisurely and getting ready for a day of diving, snorkelling or discovering the jungle and the impressive nature that the Indonesian island of Raja Ampat offers to your visitors.
When your morning is over you can enjoy traditional Indonesian cuisine, relax in the sun at our beach bar, stroll, unwind…

Remember, you will be at a resort in paradise. No hurry. You just have to worry about enjoying every moment and that everything is part of an experience that you will not forget.


Rest in the paradise in our beach cottages. The panoramic glass doors allows you to enjoy the stunning sea views and for those who like to get up early can also enjoy the sunrise without leaving the cabin.


A place for delightful food and lively conversations

Here you will enjoy all our famously tasty meals, right on the beach! With stunning views

We cook mostly traditional Indonesian food, along with some international dishes.

Homemade food with 100% love

Here at Biodiversity, all meals are homemade with 100% love. We source everything we can locally, not only to reduce our carbon footprint and provide our guests with the freshest possible food but also to support the local economy and give you the chance to try local products. Local fishermen often bring their catch straight to the Resort, so our guests can always enjoy fresh fish!

We do not use MSG in the preparation of our food, use locally produced coconut oil wherever possible, and NEVER use destructive palm oil products – we love Orangutans and want their home to stay intact!

We do not use any beef or pork in our cooking as animal agriculture is the single most damaging industry to the environment and do not include shrimps in our menu either – shrimp trawling is the most destructive and unsustainable type of fishing in the world with a very high percentage of bycatch.

We’re delighted to welcome gluten-free eaters, vegetarians & vegans – meals compliant with all of these dietry requirements are available on request.

At the restaurant, we offer hot water from 6am to 21pm, so you can make yourself unlimited coffee and tea to stay awake and enjoy this paradise as much as possible. In addition, you will enjoy fresh drinking water and a refrigerator stocked with beer, soft drinks and juices available for purchase available at the beach bar.

Other facilities include two seatting areas to enjoy the amazing view!


Enviable location at the heart of the resort!


The perfect spot for a refreshing sundowner

Our hand-made bar perches on the edge of the beach. Serving a selection of ice cold fresh fruit smoothies & juices, fresh coconuts, Balinese wines, refreshing beers, gin, vodka, whiskey and cocktails, it’s the perfect place to kick back out at the end of your day and watch the soft evening light descend on the calm sea.

Guests gather here to get to know each-other and chat to our friendly staff. The bar closes when you go to bed – so there’s always time for one last drink before you turn in for the night.

Enjoy your drink, book or just the view in our brand new beach front seat platform, you’ll catch the sun’s fleeting rays while the gentle sea breeze caresses your skin.


Our encompassing approach to wellness begins with the spa location, the sound of the waves and birds. Your bliss begins with a massage, you will reach deep relaxation while your therapist gently works you, until you reach your inner balance


Inspired by the natural surroundings, our spa’s focus is traditional Indonesian wellness, using all-natural products to relax and refine.

Biodiversity Massage Menu

  • Signature Balinese Massage; Powerful healing and energising massage, eases the muscles into submission, releases tension and improves blood flow. An ancient healing technique, as blissful as it is beneficial.
  • Reflexology; Sit back and relax as your therapist applies varying degrees of pressure to specific points on the feet to unlock energy flows and promote the body’s natural healing from within.
  • Back, Neck and Shoulder massage; Centring on individual concerns, this restoratative treatment emphasises relief in specific areas of the body. Choose from Back, neck, shoulder or legs.
  • Swedish MassageThis comforting and deeply relaxing massage is good for alleviating stress and tension.


Our reception desk is located in the main building, and is open from 7.00 to19.00.

At the reception desk we will be happy to help you with domestic flights, laundry, booking issues, and any questions you may have (about activities, excursions, diving courses, and so on).

You can also buy some papuan art crafts.



All our beach-front cottages are well spread-out from each other to maximise privacy.

With plenty of spaces inside and outside to enjoy a relaxing stay. Each unit with has en-suite open bathroom, a large panoramic glass windows that can be opened to absorb sea-view, big terrace with comfortable furniture, pair of sun-beads and a beach day beds.


Have a look at the place where we teach you how to dive, keep all the equipment.

Are you ready for a diving course in Indonesia? or for the best guided fun dives! The warm and clear waters are waiting! We make sure that you make the most of diving and snorkelling in Raja Ampat!