Raja Ampat Tour with Biodiversity

Raja Ampat Tour with Biodiversity

Raja Ampat tour with BiodiversityMany of our customers and visitors often ask us about the different options or tours that can do with us in Raja Ampat . On many occasions our visitors think that Raja Ampat is only diving, snorkeling and climbing to the top of FAM Island . In this article we want to show you how Raja Ampat tour is much more than diving and the island of Fam. Here, we show you a 7-day plan in Raja Ampat and all this you can do with us.

Raja Ampat tour for lovers of diving – (6D / 7N)

Day one of the Raja Ampat tour –  Warming the engine .

Arrival at our eco resort. If there is time you can always do an immersion in the Pico de Francisco. It is a great spot for seeing pygmy sea horses or blue stingrays. This dive goes from 5 meters to 20 meters deep and it is for divers of all levels.

Day two of the Raja Ampat tour – Finally, ready for dive adventure !

This first full day is usually ideal for 3 to 4 dives in places like Friwin Island, Mioskun, Blue Magic or Mike’s point. Making this ideal for those divers who want to explore a diverse range of raja ampat dive sites around our eco resort.

Day Three of the Raja Ampat tour – Fam Island, too good to miss!

The island of Fam is undoubtedly the ideal place to see Raja Ampat in all its splendor. On this excursion, within a small group we spend a full day and do dives in Fam Slope, Melissa’s Garden. We will also stop off to eat in a spectacular area of mangroves.

Day four of the Raja Ampat tour – Day to relax!

Aside from diving there are many things to do and see in Raja Ampat. In the morning we will be completing two dives (Checken Reef and Sardine Reef). After that you can get ready to spend a relaxing afternoon kayaking along the coast of Gam. This is an experience that you can not miss! In this kayak trip we recommend you to go to the area where Alfred Russel Wallace was living during his exploration of Raja Ampat. Where you can study the birds in the area.

Day five of the  Raja Ampat tour – Today ground

Another day dawns in paradise. Today you can complete two dives in places like Cape Kri and go back to do an immersion in the unforgettable Sardine Reef. In the afternoon you can visit the villages of Friwen and Yenbeser. Where you can walk through the villages, get to know the culture of Raja Ampat and meet the children and families who live on the island.

You can combine this expedition with the famous bird sighting in Raja Ampat. Here you can see two endemic birds of paradise including the red bird and the blue bird (or Wilson bird of Paradise). Another of the main characteristics of Raja Ampat is its enormous biodiversity not only under water, but on the surface too. This makes Raja Ampat one of the best places to scuba dive in Indonesia. Raja Ampat has many species of birds, and one of them is the famous bird of paradise. Bird watching is mixed with a trek through the jungle.

Day six of the Raja Ampat tour – Finally, Sandy Blanket!

For those who love diving you can not miss Manta Sandy. Why Sandy Blanket? When it is Manta Ray season in Raja Ampat, these girls love going to this cleaning station to get rid of their worms. This is where strong currents and the Labroides dimidiatus come together to offer one of the greatest spectacles of this mother earth . The Labroides are responsible for deworming the blankets that pass through there.

We advise not to get too close to them, as not to scare them. But I assure you that the image of the striped blankets will not disappear from your routine in a long time. This half day excursion and you can combine it with the jungle trekking with Yenbeser guides behind our biodiversity resort. Here you can see the flora of the area and see the famous Red Bird of Paradise.

Day seven of the Raja Ampat tour – Not dived enough, I want more!

This can be a great day to continue diving and enjoy the sites near our eco resort. Or you can sign up for an excursion to Saonek Monde Island – Saonek Village – Kabui Bay – Urai Island – Gam Island. On this excursion, you can dive, get to know the culture of the area and enjoy some of the most wonderful desert islands in Indonesia.

Day eight of the Raja Ampat tour – Everything good comes to an end!

It’s time to leave Raja Ampat. The positive part of this day is that you will leave knowing that you have taken 100 % advantage of your stay in Raja Ampat. You can modify this Raja Ampat sample with us, which allows you to do other activities or excursions like:

  • Visit the spectacular landscapes of Hidden Bay
  • Visitar Besir Bay, also known as Gam Hall.
  • Visit Kabui Bay, where you find an impressive display of karst formations, islands and rocks. They emerge vertically from the sea and are covered in tropical vegetation, mangroves and small sandy beaches.
  • And much more.

We remind you that:

  • You can dive every day with two dives in the morning and do other activities in the afternoon.
  • To complete the tour to the islands of Fam and Gam, you need at least 6 people for the tour.
  • To carry out the tour for Passage and blanket, we require at least 4 people.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and read our blogpost about the other recommended activities in Raja Ampat

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Raja Ampat Biodiversity Eco Resort is a place to connect with nature in one of the best diving and snorkeling destinations in the world!

Apart from the marine life that you can enjoy diving or snorkeling , Raja Ampat offers many other activities that will allow you to explore this spectacular part of the planet; kayaks, cultural visits to the villages, excursions in the jungle, visits to the small islands, enjoy the fauna and birds of the area (many of them endemic) …

In this blog we will share some of our adventures with you.

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