Pledge to our guests, we care about you. Safety measures after COVID-19

Pledge to our guests, we care about you. Safety measures after COVID-19

We care about you indeed. Keep reading and be informed about our new hygiene, cleaning and safety measures after COVID-19.

Let’s stay possitive!

We must find the positive in every situations. I think that this pandemic is teaching us to value things that we did not appreciate before, especially the small things from day to day that were always there and inadvertently lost their value. In my case, for example, I know that the first hug I give my parents after the pandemic is going to be very very special. And I hope I remember it so that I will appreciate all the hugs that come later. I am one of the lucky ones who can still hug her parents and my thoughts go to all those people who have lost someone they love during this pandemic.

We care about you, our guests

Just like many other people, we are suffering the consequences of this pandemic economically. However, we still continue to support our staff and we hope to continue doing so.

Health is the main thing, and that now it is the time to fight to control the situation so it is safe to travel again.

We have always been clear that our guest are our reason for being. We have always tried to offer a special personalized stay. This is why we decided to be a small resort (only 9 cottages) with family like athmosfere, so that those who visit us feel like a person and not a room number.

This pandemic is, however, making us value even more the importance of our guests. From now on we will pamper you even more, because we want to thank you for trusting us for your vacation. Be sure we will do everything possible to take care of you throughout the process.

Improving our facilities

We are using this time, which we do not usually have, to improve the facilities of the resort. that way, we will offer you a more comfortable and authentic stay. We believe that the details do matter and we are paying close attention to them, so we can offer you a more complete experience!

At Biodiversity, we start with an advantage in order to adapt to the new normal, since all the facilities of the resort are outdoors. This is exactly what we all need now: fresh air!

Only the cabins are partially closed since we follow the traditional Papuan design, which keeps the upper part of the cabin open for air to circulate, thus lowering the temperature.

Another advantage is undoubtedly that our maximum capacity is 18 guests and our staff lives in the resort, which limits the potential exposure to the virus.

Policies and Safety measures after COVID-19

After analysing various aspects of the operation, we have developed a protocol based on cleanliness, hygiene, social distancing and safety measures after COVID-19.  Many of them were already in place before the pandemic, but you probably never noticed it at the time.

Now more than ever we want you to know that we care about your enjoyment, but above all, we want you to enjoy our little piece of paradise in complete safety.

Travel preparation

Domestic flights. We process domestic flights with a fixed administrative fee of 10 Euros per ticket. We charge this minimum to be able to cover possible mistakes in the issuance of tickets and that, as our error, we will have to pay ourselves.

Assistance in cancelling tickets. Either by the airline or by you. Management of the refund or change of the ticket at no cost.

We help you in case of lost luggage. Our team will monitor the incidence, and once the luggage reaches Sorong, we will send it to the resort at no cost.

We are available via whatsapp before arrival. To solve any questions that may come up and contact us whenever you need..

Flexible cancellation policies

We realize that there is a lot of uncertainty this days, and is why we have relaxed the reservation cancellation policy. We are therefore adopting a very flexible cancellation policy that will allow you to re-book at a later date if needed.

Confirmations. To confirm the reservation we only need 10% deposit of the total amount of the invoice.

Before the 30 days prioir to arrival. If for some reason you cannot travel for the dates of your reservation, before the 30 days prior to arrival, you can reschedule your booking or the deposit / payments will be refunded less 20% administration fee.

During the 30 days prior to arrival. If need to cancel your reservation with us, during the 30 days prior to arrival you can reschedule without any cost.

Hygiene and cleaning

Cleaning. Rooms sanitized and properly cleaned. We increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfection in public spaces.

Treatment of material. All commonly used materials will be disinfected after each use.

Staff. Use of masks and gloves by resort staff. All of our staff live at the resort, thus limiting exposure to the virus. However, all employees’ temperatures will be taken before the start of the work day.

Social distancing

Online check in. Possibility of checking in before arrival by providing all the information needed for early check-in to reduce the presence of customers in the reception and common areas. We have prepared an informative video with all the necessary information to minimize interaction with our staff. However they will always be available for any questions.

Rooms location. All our cabins are well separated from each other, ensuring the privacy and security of our guests.

Take-away restaurant. We are reorganizing the restaurant to ensure the minimum social distance between guests. We will also offer the option of eating in the cottage. Our staff will prepare a tray with the food and take it directly to your cottage.

Limiting people on boats. The number of people on the boats will be limited to guarantee safe distance.

Diving center     

Briefer briefings. The briefings before the diving trip will be done on the jetty as before, but we will divide the small groups by boats and maintain a safe distance between the divers / snorkelers. We have prepared a general informational video to reduce the briefing time on the jetty.

Personalized mugs. Each diver / snorkeler will receive a cup with their name so as not to mix with that of other guests. We also have reusable bottles for sale and the profit from this sale goes entirely to our community projects.

Equipement disinfection and usage. After each dive, all equipment will be disinfected and put in the sun to dry.  Following DAN recommendations, each guest will have to bring their mask and regulator to their cottage to ensure that it is not contaminated.

The rest of the equipment will be kept in the drying area in a separate area until it has been disinfected and dried to return it to the diving center.

All the diving equipment will be hung to dry, per room, with a meter between all the equipment, so that they do not touch.

When testing diving equipment, we will bring the equipment for you to try. If something doesn’t fit, it will be sent for disinfection before returning to the dive center.

We will not use the same container for rinsing the equipment. All items will be disinfected and rinsed separately.

All containers will be disinfected and our staff will wear a mask and gloves when handling the equipment.

Soap to defogg the mask. For safety reasons spitting will not be an option and soap will be provided.

These measures cover all direct bookings from June 1st 2020.

Note: This action plan is in constant evolution that will be updated in accordance with the decisions that the competent authorities adopt in terms of safety and higiene. Therefore our cleaning and safety measures after COVID-19 will be updated when necessary.

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