Discover Raja Ampat paddling


Kayaking Batu Lima & Kabui bay

Located: Left of the Resort, the west side of Gam Island.

Time: This would be considered a half day or full day kayak trip.

The iconic Batu Lima is just to the left of the Resort and means five rocks. This is because it is made up of five individual rocks which you can kayak and snorkel through when the tide is high. It is the perfect first stop before paddling along the west coast of Gam to Kabui Bay. Kabui Bay has some of the most spectacular virgin white sandy beaches which emerge alongside the jungle. We like to think these are the best beaches in Indonesia because they are so picturesque. After paddling up to these incredible beaches, you can snorkel, swim, sunbath, explore hidden lakes and enjoy the wildlife that surrounds you. Depending on how long you spend here will depend whether you wish to make it a half or full day experience.


Kayaking the secret Inlet & village visit

Located: Right side of the Resort about 15-20 miunte kayak

Time: 3-4 hour kayak (Half day)

The secret inlet is about 15-30 minute by kayak along the shoreline to the right of the resort. It will be just before Yenbeser Village. There is a hut that you will pass which will be the entrance to the canal inlet. This is the perfect place for tranquility and to be surrounded by nature. The water will be calm and flat as it is surrounded by hill landscape on either side. Once you have explored this place, you can paddle over to Yenbeser village and walk around. It is the larger of the two. After this you can paddle directly opposite to Friwen Island. Friwen Island has a smaller village as well as a beautiful stretch of sandy white beach. This is the perfect location to cool off before heading back to the Resort.



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We will prepare a romantic setting. You will leave the resort for 15:00 and be taken to a secluded beach , where we will drop you off and leave you to enjoy an afternoon of peace and tranquility. Take this time to soak up the serene environment all around you on this natural island escape, a special heaven in which to relax.


This is a fun cultural experience where you will visit two villages that are a quick 5 minute boat ride from the Resort.