Honeymoon in Raja Ampat

Just married? Raja Ampat is the perfect place for you. Enjoy the ideal Honeymoon in Raja Ampat. A new adventure begins when you say I do, so why not start off as newlyweds with an adventurous, romantic, fun filled honeymoon in Raja Ampat? If you have visited Bali, and you want something with less crowds, [...]

Top Raja Ampat Islands

Would you like to know which the top Raja Ampat Islands are? Indeed a hard decision but keep on reading and discover our selection. Raja Ampat was ruled by Tidore Sultanate, who finds its origin from the Maluku Islands. During the 15th century, four kings were selected to effectively govern the group of islands. These [...]

Why Visiting Raja Ampat is a Must?

Visiting Raja Ampat is a Must. A paradise located in Indonesia, this archipelago is one of the very last spectacular places on earth with potential to offer everything you need from nature and more. Its unspeakable beauty and breathtaking views will give you that experience of a lifetime you keep looking for. The beauty and [...]

A Real Nature Marathon in Indonesia: Diving, Trekking and Kayaking

Snorkelling, diving, trekking, kayaking, Indonesia offers a real marathon of Nature Nature in Indonesia in its purest form, beauty on all four sides. Indonesia is the third country in the world with the greatest diversity of fauna and flora behind Brazil and Colombia, and one of the 17 mega diverse countries, according to UNEP-WCMC. If [...]

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SNORKELLING IN RAJA AMPAT – isn’t it just for divers?

Raja Ampat’s reputation precedes it – it was ‘discovered’ as a remote travel destination by adventurous divers, and soon after became a diving mecca purporting to offer some of the best sites in the world. But the pioneers’ discovery hasn’t just benefitted scuba divers…. With this in mind we just designed discounted snorkelling packages, please [...]

Raja Ampat Tour with Biodiversity

Raja Ampat tour with Biodiversity Many of our customers and visitors often ask us about the different options or tours that can do with us in Raja Ampat . On many occasions our visitors think that Raja Ampat is only diving, snorkeling and climbing to the top of FAM Island .   In this [...]

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