Raja Ampat’s reputation precedes it – it was ‘discovered’ as a remote travel destination by adventurous divers, and soon after became a diving mecca purporting to offer some of the best sites in the world. But the pioneers’ discovery hasn’t just benefitted scuba divers….

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Here’s why this pristine destination isn’t just for those who want to sit below the surface of the water:



Raja Ampat is best known for it’s pristine coral reefs and it’s biodiversity – and most of this luscious life is only a few meters below the waves, making it as accessible for snorkelers as it is for divers! You don’t need to be at 18 meters to see the very best the area has to offer.



As all you budding scientists will know, water refracts light and removes the true colours from the water. The longest wavelengths, with the lowest energy, are absorbed first. Red is the first to go, followed quickly by orange & yellow. Without the right tools divers can miss out on the true beauty of the reefs – even when they’re only a few meters below the waves. Snorkellers however see everything at the top of the reef in a perfect colour spectrum – and don’t miss a thing!



When a boat returns to the resort from Manta Sandy, those of us back on land are eager to find out whether it’s been a successful trip, asking ‘How many did you see?!’. In Manta season the hit rate is high, with most groups returning with tales of multiple sightings, but frequently the divers also recount how ‘lucky’ the snorkelers were, often having sited so many more Mantas than the divers, and at extremely close quarters. There’s a simple explanation – you get a great view from above, and the mantas love it at the surface!



As a recreational diver, your dive duration is limited based on your no-deco time, and by how long you can safely make your air last. Not so with snorkelers, who, with the right equipment, protection and guiding can enjoy extended durations in the water!

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Neither one of us are divers, but we were both keen snorkelers. We were encouraged to go out on the dive boats and we weren’t disappointed, nor did we ever feel like we were left out. The house reef was one of my favorite snorkeling sights, the colors of the coral and fish were magnificent and the fact it was just a few steps out the front of the cottage made it even more appealing.


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