In remote locations such Raja Ampat Islands, it proves difficult to provide functioning modern educational systems. Schools teaching full organised curriculums are rare and resources are generally bare minimum.

Our aim is to provide a community driven program with creative and broad learning at it’s heart, to help improve the employment opportunities for these children in later years and hope that with empowerment and support they’ll have a bright future ahead of them.

English Teaching

We provide teachers & educational consultants to help improve education standards

English is the international language of business, the language of the digital world, and of course, the tourist industry. Through providing an education in English we hope to open up opportunities both local and further afield for the young people of Raja Ampat and that this additional learning will go some way to improving ability to communicate clearly, thus enabling them to protect their families, the interests of the local community and their environment for generations to come.

Raja Ampat Biodiversity employs a Full time English teacher for the local Yenbeser Village School who teaches full time and across all age groups. In early 2018, Educational Consultant Nathalie Reynaud joined Biodiversity for 4 weeks to work with the sponsored teacher and investigate and analyse the needs of the primary school in order to increase the level of English and suggest solutions to any problems she encountered. Additionally, further consulting was sought in the latter part of 2018 with emphasis on supporting and training the largely volunteer kindergarten school staff.

School Library

First donation from our repeating guest Hans and AJ. THANKS!!

We’re building a library for Yenbeser Primary School – and filling it with books and educational games!

Everyone should have the opportunity to read, whatever their circumstances. We aim to provide quality books, which meet the needs of the children in Yenbeser, helping with English education and increasing learning capacity for long-term impact.

In April 2018 Raja Ampat Biodiversity Eco Resort Raja Ampat made its first donation of books to Yenbeser School. This was a small step towards a much greater ambition – to create a whole library of English books for use in English Education across all ages in Yenbeser.

Yenbeser Primary has only a few bare classrooms, which provide just about enough room for traditional teaching. In partnership with Ksenija Olmer and the Lantern Project we are working towards building a library and recreation room for Yenbesser Primary school to enhance the students learning experience. Our goal is to complete and open it, in 2019.

Although the project is primarily funded by Biodiversity you can make a contribution too. If you would like to make a cash donation towards this project please click here to follow the link.

With the help of our guests have collected over 100 books for the library and lots of educational toys and games for the recreation room. We’re still collecting, so please bring something along if you’re coming to stay in 2019. Whatever you can bring along with you will be put to great use. We would like to ask guests to bring culturally appropriate books suitable for ages up to a native English speaking age of 7 years, with emphasis on the middle ground – 3-5 years. In return we’ll keep you up to date with news of all our community projects through our quarterly newsletter.

For more information about what to bring, please click the link below;

Click here to download Book & Library Project pfd

We provide essential textbooks and resources for use in the classroom

It’s no surprise that resources are scarce in such a remote environment. Over the last few years, after consultation with the school to assess it’s needs, we have provided the following across all the schools in Yenbeser:

  • Current curriculum books for teachers across all subjects and ages
  • Writing books and stationary for over 100 children
  • English learning text books for over 100 children
  • Maths books for 40 children

We have built a covered playground for the kindergarten in Yenbesser

Days in the West Papuan sunshine can be baking hot, regularly exceeding 40 degrees. They can also be extremely wet with regular tropical downpours stopping even the most energetic of children in their tracks. So the smallest of Yenbeser’s children can be given a break from their hot classroom and play outside in any weather, we have built a covered playground so now they can be outside with protection from the tropical sun, or with shelter from the rain.

We help village school graduates complete their further education

Biodiversity is currently subsidising the further education of 23 students from Yenbeser Village. Students become eligable for subsidised education upon entering their 4th semester in further education, ensuring we only sponsor those who are serious about completing their studies. The students, who are aged between 20 and 23 years old, all in further education collages and universities in Waisai, Sorong and Jayapura.

We run Games Days for the kids

Because local schooling in Indonesia can be somewhat of a traditional affair, we help lighten things up to show school isn’t just for learning by rote – it’s for having fun too! Around June/July at the end of every school one very brave member of the Biodiversity team delivers an awesome day of fun and games for the children of Yenbeser School, which culminates in extreme overexcitement, a good dose of screaming, and the opportunity for the children to throw rather a lot of water over their friends and teachers.

Biodiversity sponsor the day with equipment, prizes and tons of enthusiasm!