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Tips and useful information about Raja Ampat & Indonesia

Indonesia is gigantic. So many different islands, so big regions and so much to discover. You want to know the best dive sites in Indonesia or what you should know about the different island before you start your trip to Indonesia.

All this information can be found in our Raja Ampat blog. Here we show you the best islands of Indonesia and Raja Ampat and much more.

We hope you will enjoy our Raja Ampat Blog articles. And if you want to know more about something feel free to contact us or maybe you will visit us one day!

Raja Ampat for Beginners

By |January 20th, 2020|Tags: , , , |

Dreaming of Paradise? Find here your best Travel Guide to Raja Ampat for Beginners For people who have heard all about the amazing wonders that Raja Ampat offers and are wondering how exactly to get [...]

Why Visiting Raja Ampat is a Must?

By |January 4th, 2020|Tags: , , , , , , |

Visiting Raja Ampat is a Must. A paradise located in Indonesia, this archipelago is one of the very last spectacular places on earth with potential to offer everything you need from nature and more. Its [...]

A Real Nature Marathon in Indonesia: Diving, Trekking and Kayaking

By |December 20th, 2019|Tags: |

Snorkelling, diving, trekking, kayaking, Indonesia offers a real marathon of Nature Nature in Indonesia in its purest form, beauty on all four sides. Indonesia is the third country in the world with the greatest diversity [...]

Update your skills before diving in Raja Ampat

By |December 13th, 2019|Tags: , , , , |

Are you dreaming with a diving holiday in Raja Ampat? Do you remember last time you made a getaway to the sea? If you are planning a diving in Raja Ampat and you have not [...]

Prepare your equipment! Raja Ampat Indonesia, the diving paradise

By |December 6th, 2019|Tags: , , , |

Raja Ampat Indonesia is, as you know, the paradise for every diver. This Indonesian archipelago belonging to the province of West Papua is nestled in the very Coral Triangle, one of the richest seabeds in [...]