Project Description

Restaurant / Meeting Point

This is our Restaurant and Meeting Point / Bar! Here you will enjoy all our famously tasty meals, right on the beach! Forget about wearing shoes or even sandals. You can feel the sand beneath your feet while enjoying your meals, feeling truly connected to nature. Our meals are served overlooking the ocean right in front of us; occasionally we catch a glimpse of dolphins and other sea creatures while we dine.

Here at the restaurant, we have hot water 24 hours a day, so you can make yourself complimentary, unlimited coffee and tea. Also, you have drinking water and a refrigerator stocked with beer, soft drinks and juices. The latter items are available for purchase on the honor system; please note on a piece of paper what you take.

Other facilities include a long desk/station for charging batteries, a bookshelf for reading, trade, and reference (a private collection), and a toilet and seating area. Near the beach, you also have a small seating area, for when you want to spend even more time outdoors.