Project Description

Welcome to Our Raja Ampat Beach

With our location on Gam Island we are privileged to have one of the best Raja Ampat beaches in the area.  At our resort you are welcomed to relax on our beach and soak in the sun while taking in the stunning views.

The fine white sands are fronted by crystal clear blue and turquoise waters that will amaze and entice you.  It truly is a picture post card location.  Spend the time burying your toes in the soft powdered sands, making sand castles, or looking at all the different kinds of shells that can be found up and down the beach.  Or lye back and read a book or snooze to the sounds of the lapping waves on the beach.

The resort is located right behind the beach with each of the cottages sitting between 10 to 25m back from the high tide line.  Just past the high tide line we have kept as much natural vegetation as possible providing natural shade and lots of spots to relax in, with Sun beds and Pergolas.

Our Raja Ampat Beach is nestled in-between two outlying peninsulas’ providing the beach with shelter and little to no current, this is seconded by a natural fringing reef sheltering the beach even more and providing fantastic diving and snorkeling.  It’s this reef that provides our beach with its white fine sand.

Our Raja Ampat Beach is ideal for children to play in the sand and paddle in the shallows.  During High tide it is possible to enter the water directly from your cottage front, at low tide (there can be a 1-2m range daily) our jetty provides the best entry and exit points.  At high tide the beach is approximately 5 meters from the tree line to low tide making it 20 meters wide.

Whilst padding or swimming in the shallows the water is so clear it’s possible to see the fish swimming by, with the colorful parrot fish and silver palmetto’s.  Venturing a little further with a mask and snorkel; Sea Turtles are a regular sighting along with so many different and wonders reef fish.  Even if you don’t fancy getting in the warm waters there are so many fish to be seen from the Jetty, you can sit on the edge and watch Bat fish, needle fish, goat fish, parrot fish and different trigger fish and so many other fish species.

Below you will find some pictures of our stunning beach. Don’t you agree that it looks like paradise? For more information about our resort, please click here.

If you want to learn more about Raja Ampat, check out all the information you need to know about diving in raja ampat or about Raja Ampat in general. Welcome to our web site! Here you will start dreaming about Raja Ampat, its beaches and waters, and all the activities in which you can partake.

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