Raja Ampat Biodiversity Eco Resort is located on Gam island (0°27.678’S, 130°41.933’E),, in Indonesia‘s West Papua province, in the Raja Ampat Archipelago. We are 77km Northwest of the main airport in the area, Sorong (Domine Edward Osok Airport, SOQ).

The easiest way to get to Raja Ampat is to fly to Sorong via Jakarta, Makassar, Ambon or Manado. For most of these connections you can use Lion Air, Xpress AirlinesSriwijaya Airlines, Nam Airlines  or Garuda Indonesia airlines. There are no direct international flights to West Papua Province.

The best ways to get to Sorong airport (Domine Edward Osok Airport, SOQ). Sorong airport is also know as the Raja Ampat Airport since it is the closest airport to Raja Ampat.

  • 1- From Singapore to Manado to Sorong: Silkair operates regular flights from Singapore (SIN) to Manado (MDO). From Manado you can take a domestic flight to Sorong (SOQ).
  • 2- From Kuala Lumpur to Makassar (UPG) to Sorong: Air Asia (a low-cost company) operates regular flight to Makassar (UPG) (Ujung Pandang). From Makassar (UPG) you can take a domestic flight to Sorong.
  • 3- From Jakarta to Sorong (via Manado, Ambon, Makassar (UPG).
  • 4-From Bali to Sorong (via Manado or Makassar UPG).

Garuda Airlines’ New Policies

Garuda Indonesia no longer offer a free 23KG baggage allowance for sporting equipment.
From now on (August 2015), they only offer a free baggage allowance 20KG for economy/promo class, and 30KG for business class. This is valid for all tickets issued after August 9th.

For more information, don’t miss this reading about Raja Ampat and Raja Ampat airport

HOW TO GET TO RAJA AMPAT (Sorong to Raja Ampat)

After arriving at Sorong Airport, you have several options for reaching Raja Ampat Biodiversity Resort:

  • By daily public ferry, from Sorong to Waisai, the main city of Raja Ampat and close to our resort.
  • By private speed boat (on one of our boats).

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Flights to Raja Ampat

Outgoing Flights: To Sorong

OriginAirlineDirect or Stop OverETDETAFrequencyFree Baggage
JakartaNam Air IN586Direct0:05am06:10amDaily20kg
JakartaBatik Air ID7797Direct01:50am08:00amDaily20kg
JakartaBatik Air ID7781Direct09:50am16:00pmDaily20kg
JakartaBatik Air ID6196Makassar00:05am07:30amDaily20kg
JakartaBatik Air ID6288Makassar05:35am13:05pmDaily20kg
JakartaGaruda GA640Makassar23:45pm08:45am (Next Day)Daily20kg
DenpasarSriwijaya SJ726Makassar17:30pm06:25am (Next Day)Daily20kg
DenpasarGaruda GA620Makassar17:30pm07:00am (Next Day)Daily20kg
MakassarSriwijaya SJ570Direct4:15am7:25amDaily20kg
MakassarGaruda GA698Direct03:50am07:00amDaily20kg
MakassarGaruda GA690Direct05:30am08:45amDaily20kg
MakassarBatik Air ID6196Direct04:10am07:30amDaily20kg
MakassarBatik Air ID6288Direct09:45am13:05pmDaily20kg
ManadoNam Air IN602Direct04:30am06:45amDaily20kg
ManadoGaruda GA470Direct06:00am08:30amDaily20kg
ManadoLion Air JT796Direct08:05am10:30amDaily10kg
WasaiWings Air IW1186Direct14:40pm15:10pmDaily10kg
JayapuraGaruda GA471Direct11:55am13:35pmDaily20kg
JayapuraLion Air JT799Direct14:00pm16:00pmDaily10kg
JayapuraNam Air IN601Direct09:40am11:25amDaily20kg
KaimanaWings Air IW1523Direct06:30am07:30amMon, Wed, Fri10kg

Return Flights: Departing Sorong

Flights from Sorong to other destinations within Indonesia.

DestinationAirlineDirect or Stop OverETDETAFrequencyFree Baggage
JakartaNam Air IN587Direct11:55am13:50pmDaily20kg
JakartaBatik Air ID7780Direct08:50am11:05amDaily20kg
JakartaSriwijaya SJ571Makassar10:50am14:50pmDaily20kg
JakartaBatik Air ID6265Makassar08:00am12:25pmDaily20kg
JakartaBatik Air ID6285Makassar14:05pm17:15pmDaily20kg
JakartaGaruda GA691Makassar12:25pm17:25pmDaily20kg
DenpasarSriwijaya SJ571Makassar10:50am16:10pmDaily20kg
DenpasarBatik Air ID6195Makassar14:05pm18:00pmDaily20kg
DenpasarGaruda GA699Makassar14:45pm21:00pmDaily20kg
MakassarSriwijaya SJ571Direct10:50am12:00pmDaily20kg
MakassarGaruda GA691Direct12:25am13:35pmDaily20kg
MakassarGaruda GA699Direct14:45pm15:45pmDaily20kg
MakassarBatik Air ID6197Direct08:00am09:20amDaily20kg
MakassarBatik Air ID6195Direct14:05pm15:25pmDaily20kg
ManadoNam Air IN603Direct12:10pm12:25pmDaily20kg
ManadoGaruda GA471Direct14:15am14:35pmDaily20kg
ManadoLion Air JT799Direct16:40pm17:20pmDaily10kg
WasaiWings Air IW1187Direct13:45pm14:15pmDaily20kg
JayapuraNam Air IN600Direct07:15am09:00amDaily20kg
JayapuraGaruda GA470Direct09:10am11:00amDaily20kg
JayapuraLion Air JT796Direct11:10am13:10pmDaily10kg
KaimanaWings Air IW1522Direct08:25am09:25amDaily10kg
JakartaGaruda GA699Makassar14:45pm18:40pmDaily
JakartaBatik Air ID7796Direct16:45pm19:00pmDaily

Please, find in green color the best flights to leave Sorong same day you get the ferry to Sorong at 9:00am.

We hope this clarifies how to get to Raja Ampat. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!.