Ecological SSI - Eco Diver Packs


Biodiversity Eco Resort is proud to announce our new Eco diver certification packages and Eco diver programs for certified divers and non-divers alike. These programs have been specifically designed for a new age of diving where the greatest understanding of the marine environment and its ecology and protection and integration of this into our lives is vital for the future of our seas.

During our Eco diver packages you will not only learn to dive in an environmentally friendly way, but we will teach you more about the ecosystem as a whole to develop your awareness of the different marine environments, what makes them work and learn how we and future can be a force to make changes for the better and do not worry if you are not in our ecology packages are also available to everyone of ages, they are for those who just want to learn more about our amazing underwater world we have information programs that can be combined with snorkelling. If you’re not a snorkeler we can teach you this too.

With a greater understanding of what lies beneath the waves, not only do we have a better chance of protecting it but with each dive and in water experience we can enjoy what we are seeing more and more.


The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the souls of those who look below the surface

As divers, we love nature and to experience different dive sites we travel to different countries. Tourism however is one of the threats to the coral reef ecosystem and its local populations. Bad diving practices such as, snorkelers walking on corals, divers kicking corals and collecting shells, feeding fish, trash from day boats and liveaboards; to name a few issues. Many of these problems can be avoided by making everyone aware. This is the philosophy we try to work on every day, with our own divers, snorkelers and guests as well as the local community, being aware of bad practices and how to change them is the first and most important step. So with that in mind We offer three Eco diver course options;

1. Eco diver starter pack

  • Open Water Diver Course
  • Perfect Buoyancy Specialty
  • Experience dives and sessions on Fish ID, Coral Nurseries and Marine Ecology.

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2. Eco diver adventurer pack

  • Advanced Adventurer Diver Course
  • A Speciality of Perfect Buoyancy or Fish ID and Marine Ecology diver.
  • With experience dives in Turtle monitoring and Shark Ecology.

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3. Eco dive master internship

  • Diver training programs depending on entry level.
  • Specialties in: Stress and Rescue, First Aid, CPR, O2, Science of Diving, Dive Guide and Dive With Specialist. Full professional training.
  • Ecological diving, scientific diving techniques, Fish and Coral ID, Turtle ecology, monitoring and shark and Marine ecology with our resident marine biologist.
  • Training in maintaining and setting up coral Nurseries, research and report techniques.
  • Equipment maintenance and care.

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Ecology specialties

SSI has released a number of new special programs which fit in perfectly to our Eco Diver concept. These courses are:

  • Marine Ecology
  • Shark Ecology
  • Sea Turtle Ecology
  • Fish Identification
  • Coral Identification

All these programs offer a wealth of knowledge about different aspects of the underwater world, including how to identify fish based on physical appearance and behavior, the life-cycles of sea turtles, the unique reproductive cycle of corals, and how humans behaviours impact the marine environment . These programs offer you many interesting facts and information about the fascinating underwater world.

These specalitias are avaliable for all certified divers and can be done as an individual specality or experience for those not included intrested in doing a complete Eco program package. Below are some details about each specality.

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More information about Raja Ampat snorkeling .


And for our non divers we have available done while snorkelling;

  • Marine ecology
  • Turtle Monitoring
  • Shark Ecology programmes