Open Water Course


This one week program of our eco diver starter pack teaches you firstly how to scuba dive. We will help you to develop your skills for a deeper understanding of the marine environment and giving greater pleasure from every dive. We hope that these teaching will help to preserve the aquatic environment for future generations of divers and water lovers.

Upon arriving in Raja Ampat the first thing we will do is teach you how to dive, on your Open Water Diver Course. This course is taught over 3 to 4 days depending on your comfort and abilities. The course is broken down into three sections of training:

Sections of Open Water Diver Course


There is an online course manual which can be done prior to arrival. We highly recommended you to read it ahead of time as the internet here cannot be relied upon. There are videos to watch and quizzes to complete all integrated into the online training. Once you arrive at the resort your instructor will go over any areas of theory you will need more elaboration on before completing a multiple choice exam.

Confined water sessions

There are 6 confined sections to be completed. These will be grouped together in one or two in water training sessions in a protected area in the sea. In this / these session (s) you will be taught the various dive skills. They are designed to familiarize you with your diving equipment and to aid you to be comfortable and underwater control.

Open water skills

There are four open water courses as part of the Open Water Diver course, Here you will fine tune your skills on each dive with your instructor. Upon completion of these dives and in water skills you will now be open water certified – congratulations.

Perfect Buoyancy Specialty

In addition to your open water training, you will receive 2 more training to work on your buoyancy skills. Buoyancy is the most important skill to master in diving, the better your buoyancy, the better the dive. Good buoyancy control is vital to help protect the reef and marine environment.

But wait there is more: Once you have completed the Open Water Diver Course and the perfect buoyancy specialty, you will then be able to join us on a dive in our house reefs coral nursery and assist in the care of the corals. We would also love to teach you about the marine life and fish species that you’re seeing on your dives by teaching you some basic fish ID skills.

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