Diving into Raja Ampat Biodiversity house reefs, an underwater paradise in Indonesia

The Raja Ampat is known for its diverse range of coral and marine species, with many of them being endemic to the area. This is because we are situated in the Coral Triangle which boasts 75% off all marine species in the world. Biodiversity Nature Resort happens to be within this Coral Triangle and also [...]

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The best islands for snorkelling in Indonesia

Do you know where the top places in the world for snorkelling are? Keep reading and find here the best islands for snorkelling in Indonesia. Few places in the world like Indonesia have the sufficient and most appropriate conditions to enjoy the best snorkelling experience. This water sport is one of the most recommended for [...]

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Our Raja Ampat diving resort is proud to announce the opening of the first community library in Yenbesser

We are a diving resort in Raja Ampat, but we are also proud of being the promoters of several and constant projects to improve the locals welfare. The first library in Yenbesser Village is now open! Raja Ampat Biodiversity, our diving resort, inaugurated a community library in Yenbeser Village last January the 4th in partnership [...]

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Privileges of enjoying a Resort for Divers in Raja Ampat

Are you aware of all the privileges a resort for divers in Raja Ampat has?  Keep on reading. Indonesia is one of the favourite places for deep sea lovers. It is a destination where every self-respecting diver should dive at least once in a lifetime.  Although this country of 17,000 islands has diverse and magnificent [...]

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Sunrise in Indonesia, a dive into Nature.

Sunrise in Indonesia, a dive into Nature Any sunrise, any sunset is always worth contemplating. And if it's a holiday in Indonesia, no doubt even more so. Undoubtely, a sunrise in Indonesia is a dive into nature. One gets up early without any effort or sorrow in order to enjoy one of the most incredible [...]

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A free Health Project promoted by our Diving Resort

A Diving Resort with a long-term sustainability policy We are a Diving Resort in Raja Ampat and providing sustainable diving services is the main purpose of our business. However, since our beginning in 2013, we have implemented and continued to follow a long-term sustainability policy that comprehends several aspects of correct sustainable tourism, following the [...]

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Biodiversity 2019 Gifts, a diving resort proud of their staff

Raja Ampat Biodiversity Nature Resort, our diving resort in Indonesia, actively supports initiatives for local infrastructure and social community development. Some examples of these initiatives include education, training, health and sanitation, and projects addressed to minimize the impacts on climate.     Today we wanted to write a brief article about how proud of our [...]

Marine species in Raja Ampat

Which are the main marine species in Raja Ampat that you should meet during your visit? According to the latest data collected by several insurance companies, diving is growing over 5% worldwide. It is estimated that there are slightly more than 7 million people fond of scuba diving. One out of every four divers searches [...]

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Honeymoon in Raja Ampat

Just married? Raja Ampat is the perfect place for you. Enjoy the ideal Honeymoon in Raja Ampat. A new adventure begins when you say I do, so why not start off as newlyweds with an adventurous, romantic, fun filled honeymoon in Raja Ampat? If you have visited Bali, and you want something with less crowds, [...]

Diving in the Strait of Dampier, a Guide

Thinking of embarking on a diving journey? Undoubtedly, Raja Ampat is one of the most spectacular diving destinations in the world that will take your diving to a new level of amazement and leave you wanting to come back again and again for more. Situated in the north of Gam, Waigeo and Batanta, in the [...]

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