Diving Courses in Raja Ampat

We are proud to announce that we are the first SSI certified store in Raja Ampat. We are also happy to offer you different diving courses from beginner level to Dive Master.

We are Store Number 741071. SSI (Scuba Schools International).

We like to offer different alternatives and diving courses for our guests. We are prepared to give you SCUBA diving training through two diving certification agencies: PADI and SSI. Both of these agencies are prestigious certifying agencies recognized around the world. Both Pat & Rey are SSI and PADI instructors. Whatever level diver you are, you have the opportunity to fine-tune your abilities and become an even better diver with us here in Raja Ampat.

Diving with PADI or SSI will change your life! Come to explore the other 70% of the planet which lies underwater!

Our education is not a matter of time, it is a matter of performance. Our goal is to make your experience as successful as we can. It does not matter if you do it right the first time or have to repeat it. We teach in small groups, with a maximum of 4 people. It is most likely that you will have your own instructor.

Diving Courses in Raja Ampat

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We are proud to announce that we are the first SSI certified store in Raja Ampat! We are Store Number 741071. SSI (Scuba Schools International) is one of the many diving certification-training agencies that exist.

SSI is knwon in the diving industry for over 40 years for providing high-quality education and outstanding training materials. They have diving courses for divers of every level in their portfolio.

SSI was founded in 1970 and is the largest school-based training agency in the world. In the spring of 1999, SSI merged with the National Association of Scuba Diving Schools (NASDS founded in 1967) and created a new synergy in the dive industry. When the sales and marketing expertise of NASDS joined with the renowned educational products of SSI, it created a stronger company. After that is in a better position to serve Dive Centers & Dive Resorts, Dive Professionals and Instructors, and ultimately you, the divers.

PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is another diving certification agency. With more than forty years of experience, over 135,000 PADI Professionals and more than 6,000 dive shops and resorts worldwide, PADI training materials and services let you experience scuba diving from nearly anywhere.
Scuba diving with PADI Instructors, Dive Centers and Resorts can help transform your life through education, experience, equipment and environmental conservation.

SSI and PADI are the two largest scuba diver certification companies in the world. Their qualifications are recognized all over the world and are mutually compatible – your SSI qualification will enable you to take the next step up in the PADI system, and vice versa.

Which Offers Better Training?

Both companies set their training and safety standards according to the World Recreational Scuba Training Council (click here for RSTC information). Thus, there’s no fundamental difference in the skills you will learn from either PADI or SSI. Basically the character and experience of your Instructor will be the most important factor in your course.

Then Why Are the Prices Different?

The PADI system of `performance based` learning means that divers need to retain their learning materials, while SSI’s ‘comfort through repetition’ method doesn’t require you to own the materials. This means that PADI courses tend to be a little more expensive.

If you have any questions about our diving courses, we look forward to hearing from you. Here are our contact details