Our captains and crew are very skilled and have grown up with the knowledge of the Raja Ampat waters. They will comfortably take you from Resort to dive sites and back again, safely navigating through the waters with ease.

Tristan Jenkins

Tristan Jenkins has recently started at Bio-diversity as Dive Centre Manager. He started diving from a young age and took his passion for diving to a professional level. He has been an instructor for 16 Years for both SSI and PADI. His specialities are in Deep diving, Night diving, Peak performance, Search & rescue & photography. He loves finding the Micro marine life, but he also enjoys the Macro marine life, for him everything under the ocean is still amazing and he could never get bored of the Marine life Biodiversity. The ocean is a magical place!


Boby has been with Biodiversity for 1,5 years and has been diving for 7 years. You will know Bobby from his fantastic smile and outgoing personality. You will always have fun with bobby. He is great at finding the Micro & Macro marine life.


Edmon has been with Biodiversity for almost 4 years and has been diving for 10 years. He is more reserved but can be very charming. His specialty is Macro Life and he has a passion for diving which shows in the professional manner in which he takes care of our divers.


Nofri has been with Biodiversity for over 2.5 years and has been diving for over 14 years. His many years of diving in Raja Ampat enables him to have full knowledge of all our dive sites, so he is able to find you the macro & micro marine life you wish to see.


Prima is the newest member to the Biodiversity team, he has been with us for 6 months and has been diving for 9 Years. He has great enthusiasm and has a good eye for finding the unusual marine life.


Tommy has been with Biodiversity for over 3 years and has been diving for 7 years. He is like the Big Oceanic manta, he will take you under his wing and guide you with ease through your dives, making sure your see everything there is too see.