Get to discover eco-resorts through Raja Ampat Biodiversity, a way to visit Indonesia in tune with the planet and COVID-19

Whenever you visit Indonesia, you should be considering to stay in an eco-resort, the best option for both you and nature. Looking at the 21st century, people are becoming more and more aware of how important it is to look after the environment. Companies from all over the world and from all economic sectors are dedicating a large part of their efforts and capital to environmental commitment, care of nature and the sustainability of the resources used. This is the result of the demand from the public, who slowly is becoming more conscious, sensible and demanding these services/products etc.  As trends increasingly incline towards activities committed to the preservation of the environment, one of the industries that has had a big impact and already begun to take this issue seriously is tourism. 

It has been years since the word ecotourism has been used. However, resorts and lodges are incorporating this and the concept of the word and applying it to their daily operations. One of the important factors incorporated into ecotourism is Sustainable Tourism



So what is sustainable tourism? 

It is the “tourism that takes full account if it’s current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and the host communities” (UNWTO, 2017).


Who is it for?

Sustainable practices should be a priority for the world, and for each one of us.  In the tourism industry it is becoming standard for the users and the operators.  All tourism industries which choose to label themselves as an eco-friendly organization follow guidelines and management practices which are applicable to all forms of tourism, in all types of destinations, including mass tourism or niche tourism. For the smaller resorts and lodges the world “Eco-resort” has become a wide spread term to use.



What is an Eco-resort?

The term Eco-resort has not yet been defined among the WTO lines. However, many establishments are striving to implement this title.  For Biodiversity Resort, we follow GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council) industry criteria, which are the Global Baseline Standard for Sustainable Tourism practices, as a guideline in our sustainable path.  Our Management is certified with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council GSCT.


Biodiversity Nature Resort and our mission

Taking into consideration the above definitions, at Biodiversity Nature Resort we can proudly say we are an Eco Resort. We follow the GSTC criteria as a baseline to the standards we set. The criteria provides a framework for us to work with but it is not the solution. It indicates what should be done but not how to do it or whether the goal has been achieved. The criteria merely guides us in the direction of what needs to be done, to ensure that we are committing ourselves to the preservation of the environment with the least amount of impact. 




Biodiversity‘s environmentally friendly activities are designed to minimize negative impacts and contribute to nature conservation, as well as for the welfare of the local community and their culture. Our actions as a company do not adversely affect local access to livelihoods.  We are a diving resort that has implemented a long-term sustainability management system that is suitable to its size and scope, addresses environmental, social, cultural, economic, quality, human rights, health, safety, risk and crisis management issues and drives continuous improvement.


Eotourism, the new trend

We believe that these ethics are a big influence in evaluating Biodiversity Resort for you to visit Indonesia. Our guests choose us because of this, and prefer our services, ecotourism at its best! The average tourist today values this highly and focuses their travels plans to a destination based on resorts that can offer this concept for them.