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Kids scuba lessons in Raja Ampat

Scuba diving has become more accessible for children to start at a younger age, with more and more options for kids scuba lessons. It’s now possible for them to start the learning process of how to dive from the age of 8 years old, with the PADI Seals Team and the SSI Scuba Rangers [...]

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Teaching kids to dive in Raja Ampat

Main points to have in mind when teaching kids to dive When it comes to children learning to dive there are several factors to keep in mind.  Often children’s attention span is shorter than that of adults and all training has be to fun and varied to hold their attention and keep them interacted [...]

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Raja Ampat weather and climate

When it comes to planning your holiday to paradise 'what the Raja Ampat's weather and climate going to be like?' is often a primary question. To answer this question for the best time to make a trip to Raja Ampat there are some key weather and climate factors you should keep in mind. Raja [...]

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Best family dive vacations

Looking for the best dive vacations? When it comes to diving vacations it’s not just for individuals or couples these days, but also now for families.  With the age of children to be able to receive an introduction to diving from 8yrs old with the PADI Bubble Makers and Scuba Seals and the SSI [...]

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Resort or Liveaboard?

Resort or Liveaboard? - What is the best choice When the time comes for choosing a resort or liveaboard, all sorts of questions can crop up, such as: Which has the best diving places?  Which has the most diving places? Can you arrange your own itinerary?  Or, do you have to stick to a pre-arranged route?  [...]

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The Best Indonesian Islands

The best Indonesian Islands, want to see them? If you’ve reached this article, you’re no doubt planning a visit to Indonesia. Maybe because you’ve been here before and want to explore new places, or maybe it’s your first visit and you’re still planning your travel route. If you’d like more information about Raja [...]

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Los mejores viajes de buceo en todo el mundo

Los mejores viajes de buceo en todo el mundo Infinidad de encantos y especies asombrosas esconcen los océanos que rodean los siete continentes del planeta. Tener la oportunidad de explorarlos es un placer extraordinario. al alcance de los más aventureros. Pero no en cualquier punto del océano encontrarás las condiciones propicias para practicar [...]

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The Raja Ampat Islands. All you need to know

The Raja Ampat Islands, An Astonishing Gem of the Pacific When you look for Raja Ampat on the map, you may have a little trouble finding it, not only because it’s in a very remote location, but because it is an archipelago made up of approximately 1,500 little islands, and that can be confusing. [...]

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Misool Island, the Second of the ‘Four Kings’

According to local mythology in Papua, a woman found seven eggs, four of which exploded to create the four main islands of Raja Ampat (in Indonesian, ‘Four Kings’). The second of these is Misool Island, situated to the west of Papua and with an impressive underwater landscape, like the rest of the islands in [...]

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Isla Misool, la segunda de los “cuatro reyes”

Como cuenta la mitología local de Papúa una mujer encontró siete huevos, de los cuales cuatro explosionaron convirtiéndose en las cuatro principales islas de Raja Ampat (en indonesio: Cuatro Reyes). La segunda de estas islas es la Isla Misool, situada al oeste de Papua y con un paisaje submarino impresionante como el resto de [...]

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