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The Raja Ampat Islands. All you need to know

The Raja Ampat Islands, An Astonishing Gem of the Pacific When you look for Raja Ampat on the map, you may have a little trouble finding it, not only because it’s in a very remote location, but because it is an archipelago made up of approximately 1,500 little islands, and that can be confusing. [...]

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Misool Island, the Second of the ‘Four Kings’

According to local mythology in Papua, a woman found seven eggs, four of which exploded to create the four main islands of Raja Ampat (in Indonesian, ‘Four Kings’). The second of these is Misool Island, situated to the west of Papua and with an impressive underwater landscape, like the rest of the islands in [...]

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Isla Misool, la segunda de los “cuatro reyes”

Como cuenta la mitología local de Papúa una mujer encontró siete huevos, de los cuales cuatro explosionaron convirtiéndose en las cuatro principales islas de Raja Ampat (en indonesio: Cuatro Reyes). La segunda de estas islas es la Isla Misool, situada al oeste de Papua y con un paisaje submarino impresionante como el resto de [...]

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Raja Ampat

A Paradise Both Inside and Outside the Water Located in a unique enclave amid the so-called Coral Triangle, in the Pacific Ocean, Raja Ampat is stunning for its extraordinary marine biodiversity and its amazing landscapes. Though it’s well off the tourist map, there’s no question that those visitors who happen upon Raja Ampat are [...]

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Diving in Indonesia

Scuba Diving in Indonesia, a unique experience Indonesia has become one of the best tourist destinations in the world in recent years. Its attraction lies not only in the capital city, but also in the more than 17,000 islands which transport the visitor to paradise. Since it is the largest archipelago in the world, [...]

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¿Qué ver en Indonesia?

¿ Qué ver en Indonesia ? Todo lo imprescindible Indonesia es, en la actualidad, el cuarto país más poblado del mundo. Ubicado entre el Sudeste Asiático y Oceanía, está formada por un total de 17.500 islas, de las que sólo la tercera parte está habitada. El atractivo turístico de Indonesia no ha dejado [...]

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Spawning squid in our house reef

Starting in April or May of each year, we have seen large numbers of squid gather in the shallow part of our house reef to mate and lay eggs. We have seen this only this year, as it is happening right under our jetty! But, probably previous years it was happening too. So far, [...]

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Spotted Cuscus

We have a new regular guest at the Resort! A Spotted Cuscus. This little animal is living around us, near the Cottages and it is very common to see it at night. Almost all the guests have seen spotted cuscus, we just walk around flashing our lights at the trees and we see it. He is [...]

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