Biodiversity Health Project

Helping the community one step at a time

Why we do it?

At Raja Ampat Biodiversity Nature Resort we take great pride in being an eco resort. Most people do not understand that being an eco resort also means you have to work closely with the community in order to achieve this status. We have adopted this concept and through this we have a very close relationship with the surrounding communities. One of them being Yenbeser Village.

A few contributions and ways we help the community are by making sure all our building materials, food, coconut oil for cooking are all sourced locally from the community. Some of our tours are organized by local guides, so they get the chance to make money in order to support their families, and also through this we educate them on the importance of preserving the nature surrounding them. A major focus for Biodiversity is the children of Yenbeser and through our continuous support that they receive the best education and health within our means.

Why a health project?

We have already established the kids schools and education system through scholarship programs, an English teacher and we have a Library & book project currently on the go (We encourage all guests to bring a book, old or used, for the library, which is currently being built, to help the English and learning capacity for long term impact for all the kids)


The next step is to ensure all kids & the adults in the community receive health check ups. They are in a remote area and the accessibility and cost of going to a doctor is not within their means, this is why we have decided to put together a Health Project with the aim of providing basic health check ups for the Kids at least two times a year.


20thAugust 2019 – Health project Biodiversity, Raja Ampat

Two doctors and four assistants came to help us with the health project. They did this out of their own accord as a way to help the community. We started our health project at 9:00am at the health stand we had set up in Yenbeser Village. The children were all there with their parents from the ages 3-16 years old (Kindergarden, Elementary school & Junior High School).

The kids had to line up first and register their names, they then went over to be weighed and their height taken, before seeing the doctors. The two Doctors administered check ups on the children and prescribed medication where necessary. We managed to attend to 168 children in the village as well as 46 adults.

After this the Children were given nutrition packs to take home with them as well as food for lunchtime break. We donated the food to the village and all the woman in the village contributed by helping to cook the food. The village really came together for this event and it was a great success overall. The

Doctors overall comments were good. They mentioned that the kids here were in good health compared to some of the other villages they have visited and helped. Our aim is to continue with the program so it helps to bring about awareness of health and the importance of it for the children.

Biodiversity would like to say a big thank you to all the Doctors and staff that made this a successful event:

  1. Doctors: Dr Tumpal Simatupang & Dr Tresia Natalia Samosir
  2. Dina Reporter from Kompas TV Sorong
  3. Mr Herry Reporter form Radar Sorong Newspaper

(you can read about the project in the following link above)

  1. Biodiversity team, special thanks goes to HR Manager Kevin Azairin for organizing the event.