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Discover the Couscous, a curious travel companion

Hidden among the forage of the Australasian forests, couscous rests among the branches and prepares for a long night. Having the chance to see one of these animals in its natural habitat is a great challenge, but also one of the most rewarding and enriching views you can take of the southern area. Discover the [...]

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Raja Ampat for Beginners

Dreaming of Paradise? Find here your best Travel Guide to Raja Ampat for Beginners For people who have heard all about the amazing wonders that Raja Ampat offers and are wondering how exactly to get there, what the best time to have the experience of a lifetime in that little piece of paradise is, then [...]

Top Raja Ampat Islands

Would you like to know which the top Raja Ampat Islands are? Indeed a hard decision but keep on reading and discover our selection. Raja Ampat was ruled by Tidore Sultanate, who finds its origin from the Maluku Islands. During the 15th century, four kings were selected to effectively govern the group of islands. These [...]

Why Visiting Raja Ampat is a Must?

Visiting Raja Ampat is a Must. A paradise located in Indonesia, this archipelago is one of the very last spectacular places on earth with potential to offer everything you need from nature and more. Its unspeakable beauty and breathtaking views will give you that experience of a lifetime you keep looking for. The beauty and [...]

SNORKELLING IN RAJA AMPAT – isn’t it just for divers?

Raja Ampat’s reputation precedes it – it was ‘discovered’ as a remote travel destination by adventurous divers, and soon after became a diving mecca purporting to offer some of the best sites in the world. But the pioneers’ discovery hasn’t just benefitted scuba divers…. With this in mind we just designed discounted snorkelling packages, please [...]