Maximize Social and Economic Benefits to the Local Community and Minimize Negative Impacts

sie Nachhaltige Tourismuspraktiken tragen dazu bei, den Druck auf die Natur zu verringern, indem eine effektive und schonende Nutzung natürlicher Ressourcen fördern, beispielsweise durch eine verantwortungsvolle Beschaffung von Lebensmitteln in touristischen Lieferketten und durch die Steuerung touristischer Aktivitäten zur Minimierung von Störungen bei Pflanzen, Tieren und ihren Lebensräumen.


The majority of our staff is from the neighboring villages, Yenbeser and Friwen, and without previous experience in the hospitality/diving industry or no working experience at all. We give them equal opportunities. We train them in different areas to develop their skills, and subsequently help them to acquire both experience and professional education. We provide decent labor rights, attractive incentives and remuneration as well as opportunities for advancement.

We support local entrepreneurs in the development and sale of sustainable products and services that are based on the area’s nature, history and culture.

  • Homestay Accommodation: Promoting, guiding, and economically funding
  • Jungle Excursions: We promote Birds of Paradise excursions with local guides without receiving any benefit in exchange.
  • Wildlife interactions with free roaming wildlife around the resort! We make sure no species wild animal is acquired, bred or held captive.
  • Cultural and Wildlife Interactions Through excursions to the villages, we recommend our guests visiting the neighboring indigenous villages, giving our guests a chance to be part of Papua’s daily life, making their visit something more cultural, socially responsible, as well as an explanation of appropriate behavior while visiting natural areas, living cultures, and cultural heritage sites.
  • Visit to villages; To make the most of your journey we encourage our guests to visit the local villages and partake to some small extent in the life of a Papua family. This gives your visit a cultural, socially responsible, and personally enriching dimension.

We actively support initiatives for the local infrastructure and social community development. Some examples are

  • Incentives to the Local Government The resort also provides incentives for officials from Yenbeser and Friwen who help and support our efforts to uplift the communities in the programs we organise.
  • Yearly Donations In the spirit of the festive season, each December we make our annual contributions to a number of our neighbouring villages. We have regular meetings with the elders of Yenbeser village to evaluate what is needed most. Since 2013, we have been giving Christmas food donations yearly to the four neighboring villages: Yenbeser, Friwen,Saporkren, Wauyai. We supply each with over 700kg rice, 200kg sugar, 200kg flour, 50kg coffee, 20Kg tea, 5 boxes of condensed milk.
  • Clothes Programme: In 2019 we are also launching Children’s Clothing Collection – a new initiative to help provide clothing for the children who need it most in local villages. We’ll be asking guests to bring unwanted and grown-out-of items suitable for 0-12 years along to Biodiversity. We’ll be distributing the clothes every 3 months in the classrooms of local villages.


  • English Teachers Since 2016 we have had an English teacher as a paid employee to teach in the Kindergarden. This gives the locals the opportunity to become Anglophone tourist guides.
  • Scholarships We have recently started this program and we already have 23 pupils. It is based on scholarships with the purpose of helping local students to achieve the highest possible education. We have already spent over 2,000€ and we continue to grow it. In the current 2020 we are incorporating Frewin Village into the program.


In cooperation with the kindness of our guest Lantern Project, who donated $1,000, we have built a Library. We encourage guests to donate books and increase the variety of our Library. Our aim is improving the learning capacity of our students on a long term basis. 

Under locals’ recommendations, we helped with the construction of an outside roofed area in the Kindergarten building.


In 2019 we had two health programs, and so far, one in 2020. Our health project 20th August 2019 was our second one and a great success. We were able to see 168 children and 65 adults. We proudly funded and invested many hours coordinating this and necessary efforts. Many medicines were donated from local government hospitals to contribute with the program. Our 2020 program we started to engage with Friwen Village.

The Program focused on providing essential health services to all children and adults of the village, such as Flu; checking uric acid levels, cholesterol, blood sugar; controlling blood pressure, possible skin infections, ulcers, among other basic health parameters.

To reduce the use of water, to bring back with them their used batteries (as here they are not properly recycled), to pick any plastic or waste they may find during their dives or excursions, and in the end, at every moment. We try to make our visitors aware of the importance of taking the maximum care of our environment every single moment and every single day.

We have started this program in 2020, it consists of a healthy nutritional meal every month in Yenbeser village. To mitigate the deficiencies of the local diet, we have followed the recommendations of the local health services and delivered a nutritional recipe: “Bubur Kacan Hijo” which means lentils porridge with coconut milk and brown sugar.
This is a traditional Indonesian recipe, and recommended by the local health department to compliment the deficiencies of the local diet. This “Bubur” is full of vitamins (calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin K).


We value and incorporate authentic elements of traditional and contemporary local culture in our operations, design, decoration, and even cuisine.

We buy most of our fish directly from local fishermen. They do not use nets, only hand line, which is a sustainable way of fishing, and protecting towards the marine life in the reserve. We never consume reef fish. We support the local tradition of no-fishing zone called SASI bouys campaign, which installs bouys in front of coral reefs to discourage anchoring & fishing.

We have donated a coconut grinder machine to Yenbeser, so that local women can grind the coconuts faster, and stop damaging their fingers during the process. They make 100% raw organic coconut oil, which we purchase and use in all our cooking.

Another successful sustainable program, in which our main goal is to empower the local women. If this program did not exist, they would not have a source of income. They make their own veggie gardens and we buy whatever they grow, incorporating local vegetables into our menu.

Our organization carefully manages the purchasing of consumable and disposable goods, including food, in order to minimize waste. Our purchasing policies favor environmentally sustainable suppliers and products, food, beverages and building materials.

  • All food is sourced locally in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and give our guests the chance to experience local products.
  • No MSG (glutamate) is used in our food.
  • We do not use any beef or pork to try optimizing sustainability.
  • We do not include shrimps in our menu, as shrimp trawling is the most destructive and unsustainable type of fishing.
  • We never use plastic straws.
  • We use locally produced coconut oil for cooking, and after that, wasted oil is recycled and used for restaurant table lighting.
  • We are continually growing plants in our garden to encourage the birds and butterflies population.
  • Our own Veggie Garden: we have started with our own growing, engaging our staff.


Wir sind hier auf einem nachhaltigen Weg, den sozialen und wirtschaftlichen Nutzen für die lokale Gemeinschaft zu maximieren, negative Auswirkungen zu minimieren und zu versuchen, den Wohlstand unter den umliegenden Gemeinden zu verbreiten. So kommt Ihr Besuch der ganzen Region zugute. This is how your visit will benefit the area.



Verantwortungsbewusster Umgang mit dem physischen Druck des Tourismus in einer artenreichen, aber fragilen Umwelt.


Jetzt sind Sie an der Reihe, die Natur verantwortungsbewusst zu genießen und ein Vorbild für andere Reisende zu werden. Wir hoffen, dass wir gemeinsam dieses Paradies für Generationen bewahren können.


Universitätsstipendien für Jugendliche aus Yenbeser Village, Bibliotheks- und Gesundheitsprogramme gehören zu unseren bisher stolzesten Bemühungen.