Raja Ampat Biodiversity, a lovers’ paradise for your honeymoon holidays in Indonesia

Raja Ampat Biodiversity, a lovers’ paradise for your honeymoon holidays in Indonesia

Biodiversity Resort – The Perfect Place to Celebrate Your Sustainble Honeymoon Trip

We Just Got Married, We Love Nature and Worry About Social Distance!

A new chapter in your lives begins when you say I do, so why not start off as newlyweds with an
adventurous, nature-filled, romantic, fun honeymoon in the Raja Ampat Archipielo (West
Papua Province, Indonesia). If you are looking for something with less crowds, beautiful open
landscapes, nature, maybe …. diving/snorkeling/trekking/kayak/birdwatching — and secluded
privacy, then it’s time to explore the other beauties and charms that this corner of Indonesia
has to offer. Ecotourism operations are the new places to visit post Pandemic

We are confused about the “Eco” Options

If this type of honeymoon sounds like your line of thinking or you would like to consider it as an
option, then, Biodiversity Nature Resort is proud to offer both nature and sustainable
practices. At Biodiversity, we follow and carry out a series of sustainable practices which keep
in terms with the concept of Ecotourism. Sustainable Tourism is a necessity, and at
Biodiversity we are conscious about it and are taking measures in that direction. Empowering
our team, engaging and educating our customers and with this encouraging your collaboration.
We all must make efforts to minimize the impact our activities have on our planet. We have a
long way to go! It is Important to talk the talk AND now start to walk the walk.

Where are the Raja Ampat Islands?

The Raja Ampat Regency, is located at the eastern most tip of Indonesia, consisting of more
than 1,500 small islands and canyons that surround four main islands: Misool, Salawati,
Batanta, and Waigeo. A most facinating aspect of this area is the extreme marine health, and
because of this it is often referred to “the Coral Triangle” (which is a big area that comprises
the countries of Philipines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Solomun Islands). There are natural water
currents flowing through Raja Ampat which feeds all the reefs, marine life and encourages
healthy environments.
You will be amazed and blow away by what you can discover here. The diversity is in
abundance above and below the surface, with many species being endemic to this area. This
really remote part of the world is a true paradise away from the hustle and bustle of a crowed
city life you become so accustom to.

How do you get to Raja Ampat? What is the weather like?

For most honeymooners, your journey starts in your home country. From there, you will need
to fly to Jakarta or Bali, in Indonesia. From there you will need to connect-transit to your final
destination: Sorong Airport (Domine Edward Osok Airport, SOQ).
Once you arrive, Biodiersity Resort Staff will be waiting for you at the airport arrival gate, and
transfer you to the ferry terminal, so you can catch the daily ferry to Waisai (the capital of the
Raja Ampat Regency). The Ferry operates everyday with two commutes (9:00 and 14:00) both
ways. It takes a quick 2 hours and there are two seating options, economy and VIP. Once at
Waisai, Biodiversity Nature Resort will pick you up and you will have a 30 minute boat ride to
the Resort. We will also make it less stressful for you by organising all your transfers from the
moment you land in Sorong. One less thing to worry about after the wedding!

What about the weather?

At Biodiversity Nature Resort we have a warm tropical temprature, with a sea-breeze blowing
right through the resort, as we are located at the beach-front. Since it’s tropical, the weather is
a constant temperature throughout the year, and you can expect rain any day! During the
months of Mid-June to mid-September is when you can expect windy conditions; The rest of
the year, from Mid-Sept to April is very flat sea conditions, making it perfect for enjoying your
nature activites.

What can Raja Ampat offer?

1. A cultural experience
On land, there is a very diverse cultural heritage. You will find prehistoric cave relics as
well as cave bunkers and seabed debris from World War II. Visitors can hike through
lush forests; see traditional village life in local villages and visit turtle sanctuaries and
pearl farms. It is so rich in culture that you will really get to take in the profound
wonder of this place! Biodiversity offers village trips to the nearby villages, so you can
interact with the locals and see some of our long term community projects in action.
Cultural and Wildlife Interactions: Through excursions to the villages, we recommend
our guests visiting the neighboring indigenous villages, giving our guests a chance to be
part of Papua’s daily life, making their visit something more cultural, socially
responsible, as well as an explanation of appropriate behavior while visiting natural
areas, living cultures, and cultural.

2. Diving and Snorkelling
The marine life in Raja Ampat is in abundance with healthy coral gardens, an abundance
of diversity and spectacular underwater topography. It is the most sought after gold in
the treasure chest for all divers and snorkelers. Biodiversity Nature Resort is situated
in central part of Raja Ampat, right in the Dampier straight, having access to many of
the top diving and snorkelling sites. Perfect for adventurous honeymooners who love
the ocean!
3. On Land
After spending time under water, exploring all the endemic marine life, it’s time to
observe wildlife in the forest. Many islands in Raja Ampat offer beautiful scenery and
unique and dramatic wildlife encounters. Raja Ampat is home to many endemic species,
including rare plants and exotic birds. The most sought after birds to observe, are the
birds of paradise.
At Biodiversty Nature resort, we support local entrepreneurs in the development and
sale of sustainable products and services that are based on the area’s nature, history
and culture.
● Jungle Excursions: We promote Birds of Paradise excursions with local guides
without receiving any benefit in exchange.
● Wildlife interactions with free roaming wildlife around the resort! We make
sure no species wild animal is acquired, bred or held captive.
At Biodiversity Nature Resort we have two jungle treks to see two of these spectacular
birds, The Wilson bird of paradise and the Red bird of paradise. The displays/dances

the male birds make to attract the female is a truly wonderful courtship to witness, a
different kind of “honeymoon” ritual of these beautiful birds.
4. Excursions
Island hopping is also a great way to spend the day with your loved one exploring the
oceans, white sandy beaches and breath taking landscapes. Biodiversity Resort has full
day and half day excursions available, where you can explore all that this paradise has
to offer. Enjoy the wind on your face, the sun on your skin and no crowds to spoil your
views. Paradise just for the two of you!

Accommodation – why chose smaller, more personal resorts?

With the Pandemic forcing people to relook at how they travel and interact with people, eco-
tourism has a big role to play here. Natural, remote places that are surrounded by nature and
away for the busy crowded cities are going to be considered the best places to visit after the
Biodiversity Nature Resort, on Gam Island, provides the best of comfort, luxury and tradition
with regards to their cottages. Being immersed in nature and evenly spaced from fellow guests,
it will feel like the island is all yours. A foot step from your front door is the resorts white sandy
beach and crystal clear water of the house reef, a perfect way to spend your days exploring the
Raja Ampat or taking the time to enjoy the beauty that a small resort can offer you on
honeymoon. To be surrounded by an abundance of nature and fresh clean air is the new luxury
for future travellers.
To make the honeymoon unforgettable
Biodiversity Nature Resort also offers a romantic beach castaway experience for those on
Honeymoon. Imagine being taken to an isolated private beach which is all yours for an
afternoon. You and your loved one can truly disconnect and take in all the surroundings nature
has to offer! To end off your one to remember honeymoon, a romantic private dinner under
the stars is the cherry on the cake!
Raja Ampat is waiting for you! Book your once in a lifetime honeymoon today.

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Raja Ampat Biodiversity Eco Resort is a place to connect with nature in one of the best diving and snorkeling destinations in the world!

Apart from the marine life that you can enjoy diving or snorkeling , Raja Ampat offers many other activities that will allow you to explore this spectacular part of the planet; kayaks, cultural visits to the villages, excursions in the jungle, visits to the small islands, enjoy the fauna and birds of the area (many of them endemic) …

In this blog we will share some of our adventures with you.

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