Best family dive vacations

Best family dive vacations

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Looking for the best dive vacations? When it comes to diving vacations it’s not just for individuals or couples these days, but also now for families.  With the age of children to be able to receive an introduction to diving from 8yrs old with the PADI Bubble Makers and Scuba Seals and the SSI Scuba Rangers program allowing children to experience diving at a much younger age.  It is now possible for them to become a certified diver with the Jr Open water diver program once they are 10yrs old.  The world of diving has embraced the passion for all the family to be able to join in and enjoy the sport together.

Even if the children are too young to do the course to become a certified diver there is still plenty of ways they can enjoy the sport with their parents, be it joining the boat and snorkeling above Mum or Dad as they dive and looking through the fish books on their return to find the names of the different fish that they have seen, it’s an activity that can be enjoyed together even if the children do not dive.

Here are the main reason why Raja Ampat is the most suitable destination for yourbest family dive vacations.

Activities for best family dive vacations in Raja Ampat

Aside from diving there is the opportunity to snorkel the different reefs from the beaches and dive boats.  Taking a walk through the Jungle to see the different tropical plants, orchids and trees.  Trekking to see the displays of the birds of paradise high in the trees atop of the islands.  Kayaking from island to island and finding secrete coves and caverns.  To playing in the sands of Raja Amapt’s stunning white beaches.  Treating the children to experience some of the worlds most untouched islands teaming with nature and wildlife is an experience they will always remember.

Places to visit in Raja Ampat

With so many Islands in Raja Ampat there is always somewhere new to explore.  Trips to the Fam islands provides the opportunity to see different species of reptiles not found on all the islands.  The Water monitor can be seen swimming among the mangroves or climbing up the rocks of the limestone islets.  In the mangrove there are regular sighting of baby black tip reef sharks and sting reys, as well as the amazing angler fish which uses jets of water to knock insects off the branches and in to the water.  Fam also provides that iconic shot famous of the area with a walk up to the viewing platforms to take in the stunning formations that the lime stone roacks make at Fam (Pianemo).  There are the many winding passage ways among the Islets of Kabui and the passage way between Gam and Wiago Islands.  Visit the water falls of Batanda or island hop between all the small and uninhabited Islands of Raja Ampat.

Available Sports in Raja Ampat

Bring along your favorite beach games. Build Sand castles and paddle in the shallows.  Learn to snorkel and explore the wonderful house reef.  It’s an amazing opportunity to teach children about the underwater world and explore the wonders that hide beneath the waves.  Scuba diving and snorkeling are the main sports conducted in Raja Ampat, there is also Kayaking and hiking to partake in.

Best vacations in Raja Ampat: animals to discover

Raja Ampat with its vast number of different marine species offers the opportunity for children to see and discover a new species every day.  From all the different and wondrous colorful reef fish, to Manta’s, Devil Reys, Eagle Reys, Dogongs, Reef sharks, Carpet sharks, and have the opportunity to regularly see so many different Dolphin species from the boats traveling between the Islands and even pilot Whales can be seen from time to time. You can check more information about teaching kids to dive.

The land based wild life is just as spectacular and varied as under water, at night the searching for the nocturnal marsupial; The Kus Kus in the trees and watching them eat the fruits and leaves in the treetops as they navigate the thin branches showing off their climbing skills.  The red and ghost crabs wander the beaches and jungle undergrowth as well as the many different hermit crabs leaving trails in the sand.  The variety of different tree frogs provides a musical serenade each night.  During the day there are so many different butterfly species and different tropical birds flying around from parrots, hornbills, kites and eagles and so many different sea birds resting on floating logs or coconuts between the islands.

Villages to visit and experience new cultures

Raja Ampat is made up of 4 main islands with over 1500 smaller islands islets, coves and bays the places to explore are endless and see some of the different villages scattered throughout the islands.   The only real town is that of Sorong, which is an Industrial port and not really setup or designed for tourists, it still provides an insight in to a more developed local way of life than the villages.

It is best to experience the local culture with visits to the local villages of Yenbesser and Frewin and see the local way of life, how they live and make a living.  Many of the villages support their economy with fishing and the men will often head out first thing in the morning to catch the daily catch.  It’s not uncommon to mainly find just the woman and children in the villages at these times, either making local crafts or sitting in the shade of the trees.

Raja Ampat Biodiversity Eco Resort offers a great family vacation environment

We have one Family cottage that is made up of 2 independent cottages with a shared adjoining bathroom, Ideal for mum and dad in one and the children in the other. Located right on the beach a few steps back from the high tide line the kids can run right in the shallows from the sandy beach to pay at any time of day, while mum and dad can relax on either the bean bag, hammock, sun bed or pergola and watch the kids or join in on the fun games.

For the older children we offer the opportunity to learn to dive or for those already as certified divers to join their parents on the boat.

Best family dive vacation? Raja Ampat offers you the best choice!

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Raja Ampat Biodiversity Eco Resort is a place to connect with nature in one of the best diving and snorkeling destinations in the world!

Apart from the marine life that you can enjoy diving or snorkeling , Raja Ampat offers many other activities that will allow you to explore this spectacular part of the planet; kayaks, cultural visits to the villages, excursions in the jungle, visits to the small islands, enjoy the fauna and birds of the area (many of them endemic) …

In this blog we will share some of our adventures with you.

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