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Building the Biodiversity Team

Each year Raja Ampat Biodiversity employs a number of local villages and train them in different departments throughout the resort. Roles include Boat Crew, Boat Drivers, Cooks, Compressor and Gasoline Technicians, Gardeners, Groundsmen, and General Maintenance.

Those we take into our employ we commit to improving their training and helping them further develop their professional levels to broaden their employment perspectives after Biodiversity.

Support local trade

In every way we can we always try to buy local products from the local community with bringing as much produce as possible from the village, including Bananas, Mangos, Pineapples, and fish. We only buy line caught pelagic fish in order to promote the protection of the reef and it’s smaller fish species.

This year Raja Ampat Biodiversity Eco Resort has started to pilot a program help the women of our neighbouring village of Yenbeser generate their own income from readily available natural resources, producing a product that is not only good for their health and their income, but good for the environment too!

By providing a coconut grinder for common use in the village, now all the women of Yenbeser have the chance to produce their own pure, organic coconut oil. The oil is sold by the women to local businesses (including Biodiversity!) as an alternative to palm oil. Palm oil is synonymous with aggressive rainforest deforestation in Indonesia and more specifically, the degradation of the natural habitat of the now critically endangered Orang-utan.

We’re proud not only to be empowering women in the local area, but also to be diverting business away from this destructive global industry. Biodiversity use the local coconut oil to cook with as part of it’s healthy balanced menu, and sell it in our onsite shop.