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Your visit allows us to contribute to the local economy in many different ways and support the responsible tourism

  • Staff:

Most of our staff are local ethnic Papuan, from the neighboring areas to our resort. Most of our staff were hired without any previous experience in the hospitality/diving industry. We provide training for them in all areas: kitchen, restaurant, housekeeping, boating staff, and dive guides.

  • Fish:

To protect our sea wildlife at our reefs, we have a strict policy of not eating reef fish. Most of our fish come directly from the fisherman from neighboring villages.

  • Village Products:

1) Our cooking oil is directly from the villages around us. Cooking oil is 100% natural coconut oil from the surrounding villages; it’s made exclusively by women.

2) Vegetables: we often buy spinach, sweet potatoes, green papaya, chilies, and seasonal fruit from the villages.

  • Wood

For the support of the local people, we order all our construction timber from the neighboring villagers and not from sawmill warehouses.

  • Thatched Roof

From the surrounding villages, we buy the thatched roof, that we use in 90% of our facilities. Thatched roof production is another activity that is exclusive to women.

  • Construction Workers

All our traditional construction materials are produced by labor from the neighboring villages.

responsible tourism natives raja ampat


responsible tourism building raja ampat
  • Jungle Treks

We coordinate with local village guides for Jungle Treks and Bird of Paradise Treks. While we do receive profits from these activities, guests pay the guides directly.

  • Village walks

To make the most of your journey we encourage our guests to visit the local villages and partake to some small extent in the life of a Papua family. This gives your visit a cultural, socially responsible, and personally enriching dimension.

These are the steps we are taking, in order to help the local people, to try and spread the wealth among the surrounding communities.


We make yearly contributions to two of our neighboring villages: Yenbeser Village and Friwen Village. Over the last two years, we have given Christmas contributions consisting of: 700Kg of rice, 200Kg of sugar, 200Kg of flour, 50Kg of coffee, 20Kg of tea, 50lts of orange concentrate syrup, and 5 boxes of condensed milk.

This year we will make another type of contribution. We will give children, aged 1-6, school uniforms: shirts / blouses, skirts / shorts, and shoes. We are happy to support the future generation, as well.

Our mission statement, and core values, can be defined as follows:

The intent of our eco resort Team, as divers and nature lovers, is to create a resort with environmentally sustainable tourism to manage natural resources in the best possible way and enhance the lives of the surrounding community while maintaining the quality of the natural environment around the island of Gam. The layout of the resort is arranged so as not to disturb the native habitat and thus to support conservation of the flora and fauna.

responsible tourism village raja ampat

Priority of our Raja Ampat Eco Resort is to minimize the impact of our presence, thus conserving the areas we visit. We, therefore, built all the cottages in the traditional manner, using sustainable materials and natural products, such as coconut wood and thatched roofs.
 We have tried to preserve the existing vegetation, cutting a minimum number of plants, thus integrating with nature to the fullest.
We limit the consumption of plastics and encourage our customers to do the same, in order to preserve this paradise in its pristine state and give you a nice experience of responsible tourism with all his advantages

This is our formula of operation for responsible tourism at Raja Ampat Biodiversity Eco Resort. We hope to provide you with a complete and memorable travel experience, both on and off the water.