Raja Ampat Tour with Biodiversity

//Raja Ampat Tour with Biodiversity

Raja Ampat Tour with Biodiversity

In this article we will tell you about one of the best Raja Ampat tours. Whether you come to visit us or not, we hope that this article will help you get an idea of all the things you can do on Raja Ampat.

Clients and visitors often ask us about the different Raja Ampat tours that can be taken with us. In fact, frequently our visitors think that Raja Ampat is all about the diving, snorkeling and climbing to the peak of Fam Island.

Well, that’s far from the case. In this article we’ll explain how a Raja Ampat tour involves much more than diving and a visit to Fam Island. In what follows we will outline a plan for spending seven days in Raja Ampat; and you can do it all with us!

Raja Ampat Tour for Diving Aficionados (6D/7N)

  • Day One. Raja Ampat Tour for diving aficionados. Warming the engine.

Arrival at the resort. If there’s time you can always go for a dip in the Pico de Francisco. What better way to begin your vist than by seeing little pygmy sea horses or blue manta rays? This dive goes from 5 meters up to 20 meters in depth and is for all types of divers.

Raja Ampat tour seahorse
  • Day Two. Raja Ampat Tour for diving aficionados. At last, let’s dive!

Normally diving aficionados come to our resort wanting to dive non-stop and to visit as many dive sites as they can around our resort. This first full day will be ideal for making 3 or 4 dives in places like Friwin Island, Mioskun, Blue Magic,, or Mike’s Point.

Raja Ampat tour blue magic
  • Day Three. Raja Ampat Tour for diving aficionados. Fam Island. Not to be missed!

For a slight change of pace, at the resort we like to organize our clients into small groups that can easily move to places near our resort. Fam Island is undoubtedly the ideal place to see Raja Ampat in all its splendor. On this excursion, which shouldn’t be missed, we will spend an entire day diving on Fam Slope, Melissa’s Garden. Also, we will eat in a spectacular mangrove swamp and, of course, climb up to see the marvelous view of all the little islands from Fam.

Raja Ampat tour passage
  • Day Four. Raja Ampat Tour for diving aficionados. A day to relax.

You’ll no doubt want to keep diving, but in Raja Ampat there are so many things to do and see! Today you’ll have the chance to do two dives in this morning (Checken Reef and Sardine Reef) and then spend a relaxing afternoon kayaking around the area. Rowing along the coast of Gam is an experience that shouldn’t be missed! Also, on this excursion we recommend visiting the area where Alfred Russell Wallace lived during his explorations of Raja Ampat, when he carried out his studies of the region’s birds.

Raja Ampat tour diving
  • Day Five. Raja Ampat Tour for diving aficionados. A day on land.

Another day in Paradise and you can do two dives in places like Cape Kri and dive again in the unforgettable Sardine Reef. In the afternoon, visit the villages of Friwen and Yenbeser, strolling through the towns and seeing the culture of Raja Ampat up close, mingling with local children and families.

Today you can combine this expedition with getting a glimpse of the famous birds of Raja Ampat. Here you will see two types of native Birds of Paradise: the red variety and the blue one (or the Wilson Bird of Paradise).

Another key feature of Raja Ampat is its enormous biodiversity, not only underwater, but also on land. Raja Ampat is home to numerous bird species, one of which is the famous Bird of Paradise. You can combine bird watching with trekking through the jungle.

Raja Ampat tour bird watching
Raja Ampat tour community
  • Day Six. Raja Ampat Tour for diving aficionados. Finally, Manta Sandy!

If you’re a diving fan, you shouldn’t miss Manta Sandy! Why Manta Sandy? Because during manta ray season in Raja Ampat, the rays love to visit the cleaning station to be stripped of parasites. It’s here that strong ocean currents come together with the Labroides (cleaner wrasse) that set about removing parasites from the manta rays as they come swimming through.

Raja Ampat tour manta sandy

We won’t get too close, so as not to frighten them away, but we can assure you that the image of the manta rays will be implanted in your memory for a long time to come!

This will be a half-day excursion and you can combine it with trekking through the jungle with guides from Yenbeser, just behind our resort. Here you can acquaint yourself with the flora of the region and see the famous Red Bird of Paradise.

  • Day 7. Raja Ampat Tour for diving aficionados. I still haven’t dived enough; give me more!

A great day to keep diving and making the most of your visit! Today you’ll enjoy all the dive sites near the resort, or sign up for another excursión, like the ones to Sanoanek Monde Island—Saonek Village—Kabui Bay—Urai Island-Gam Island. On this excursion you can dive, see the regional culture, and visit one of the most marvelous desert islands in the region.

Raja Ampat tour fish
  • Day 8. Raja Ampat Tour for diving aficionados. All good things must end.

It’s time to pack up and leave Raja Ampat behind. The best part is that you’ll leave us wanting to come back and do more, and that’s good news, friends! It means that you’ve taken full adventage of your Raja Ampat tour.

This is just one example of a tour schedule with us; you can modify it and participate in other activities or excursions if you like, for example:

  • Visit the spectacular scenery in Hidden Bay
  • Visit Besir Bay, also known as Gam Hall
  • Visit Kabui Bay, where you’ll find impressive karst submarine formations, islands emerging vertically from the sea, covered with tropical vegetation, mangrove swamps and little sandy beaches.
  • And much more!

Please note that:

  • You can dive every day, with two dives in the morning and other activities in the afternoon.
  • For tours of the islands of Fam and Gam, you need a mínimum group of 6 people.
  • For the tour of Passage and Manta, you need a mínimum of four people.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, if you’d like further information

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