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Raja Ampat Eco Resort. The Concept

We are proud to be a fully ecological resort. Our resort is considered one of the leading eco resorts in Raja Ampat. Because we are proud of our eco friendliness, we want to show you here the main activities developed in our resort to be more eco friendly.

Here at Raja Ampat Biodiversity Eco Resort we take care of our customers, offering top quality and accommodations in an eco resort.


We are proud to share that we have been selected one of the Best Eco Resorts in the Asia Pacific.

Raja Ampat Biodiversity Eco Resort was featured in the June 2015 edition of ScubaDiver Australasia Dive Magazine!

Read the full article in scubadiver Australiasia June 2015

We got the idea to write this article following many conversations with our guests. We have frequently been asked, “ Why do you have an eco resort?” Many guests choose us directly because they are intrigued by our Eco Concept. However, some guests are not as familiar with these environmental protocols we have in place, and therefore we want to take a moment to describe these eco friendly measures that we are proud of.

Being a Raja Ampat eco resort is no an accident, it is our choice, and we are happy to be involved in various activities to preserve Raja Ampat’s environment.

The scientific community agrees that coral reefs are the most biodiverse marine eco systems. The famed Coral Triangle represents the most bio diverse coral reef system on the planet, the epicenter being in Raja Ampat. Corals that produce reef structures are home to thousands of species; many are yet to be discovered. This underwater network of history and life is at risk, not only from immediate threats, but also from hazards from all parts of the world. Species across the globe, and in fact the entire planet, are at risk these days, due to a variety of consecutive pollutants.

It is difficult and painful to imagine these marine ecosystems completely eradicated during our lifetime. It is unfortunately all too easy for us to put the idea on the back burner, after diving in such healthy and vibrant dive sites. It is much too easy for us to turn our backs on something we don’t actually see falling apart with our own eyes. But it is this lack of being proactive in the present that will make us just complicit in the decline of such ecosystems in the future.

Guests are shocked when they come to Raja Ampat and find plastic bottles on nearby beaches, or when they see Indonesian people throwing rubbish out to the ocean. It is a somewhat surprising to see such careless and ignorant behavior, but it is not just these actions that we need to worry about.

Just because we don’t see these actions at home, doesn’t mean that even the most advanced nations aren’t responsible. What about nuclear waste disposals, houses that are air conditioned 24 hours a day, outsized automobiles, driving instead of walking, drying laundry with machines instead of the sun… etc etc…? So what are we really doing to help the environment, and which of these comforts are we willing to sacrifice before it’s too late?

With this in mind, we have taken a few measures to limit the impact of our activities in Gam Island; we would like to share these with you so you know why we are a proud Eco Resort in Raja Ampat. Hopefully you can also embrace some of this measures to limit the impact of your everyday activities on the island.

These are the measures we are taking to limit the impact of our activities. All of our guests appreciate the spectacular nature, rich habitat, flora and fauna, both above and below the water in Raja Ampat. We worry, though that many of these new guests consider today’s reality as the benchmark of extreme biodiversity and beauty. We cannot imagine how healthy these reefs were in the past, and what they could be like again! What we now consider good, may be considered poor, compared to a decade ago… You have probably also thought about this in the areas you are familiar with in your home country. With this in mind, we urge you to take a few simple measures to limit the impact of your activities, wherever you live.

We encourage you to help the environment in renewing itself. Nature somehow finds a way, but it cannot happen without our help.

Solar Powered Resort

Top Technology

Solar Powered Resort

raja ampat eco resort award
raja ampat eco resort concept
raja ampat eco resort concept

Our Latest Achievement in our Eco Resort

We are Using 24hrs of Solar Electricity!

We are happy to announce that, starting in July 2015, Raja Ampat Biodiversity is running a 24hr fully solar photovoltaic electricity solution to supply our electricity needs. This is a great improvement and continues to move us forward in our “Eco-Concept” Model to be one of the bests Raja Ampat Eco resorts. Of course, the electricity from the sun is very precious, so we kindly ask all of our guests to be mindful and not leave any unnecessary lights turned on.

We would like to thank all our guests for choosing Raja Ampat Biodiversity, an Eco-Concept resort, for your “green-diving” holidays. This achievement is made possible by your support in choosing us!

How Are We Trying to be the Best Eco Resort in Raja Ampat

  1. We are using traditional Indonesian ¨mandi¨ style bucket showers, limiting the amount of water our guests use for a shower, by avoiding standing under running water for a long time.
  2. Our WC is also bucket-style, instead of low-flow toilets or toilet tanks.
  3. All our faucets are low-flow, as well as our superior room showers.
  4. Bed sheets and towels are changed every three days.
  5. Direct rainwater downspouts into the gardens.
  6. We continually check for and respond to leaking faucets and toilets.
  7. We do not have water heaters, so that our guests feel more connected to nature. In the tropics, its not really necessary to have hot water. This reduces our electricity/fuel consumption.
  1. We provide recycling bins in public areas. Aluminum cans are sold in Waisai. Unfortunately, we cannot sell plastic products.
  2. We minimize the amount of paper used for each guest and in the office (by reducing the paper size of invoices, etc.).
  3. We have eliminated small plastic bottles for amenities and replaced them with very attractive bulk water dispensers.
  4. Plastic containers: we buy bulk kitchen products (tomato sauce, chili sauce, and cooking oil) and we have small table containers for refills, also inside the kitchen. The empty bulk containers are then used to store kerosene for our stove.
  5. Plastic wrappers: we do not sell any products with plastic wrappers (except for our t-shirts).
  6. Old batteries from night dive torches: we ask guests to help us by taking the batteries back with them.
  7. Machine Oil containers: we buy bulk containers and use the empty containers for kerosene fuel storage.
  8. We use our “dirty” oil from our generators and compressors as “wood paint”; this way our timber boards are protected against the sun and rain.
  9. We make cloth rags from retired sheets.
Mowed landscaping is being replaced by ground cover. Leftover wood from the construction process is reused for fertilizer and decoration in our garden.
  1. As of August 2015 we  are using full solar energy with technology advance Inverters. We have started using batteries to store the excess electricity from our generators.
  2. We use a genset from 16.30 – 22.30, and batteries until 5am. Soon we will use solar panels to increase the number of hours of electricity, with the goal of achieving 24hrs (depending on guests’ usage).
  3. By reducing genset hours, we reduce noise, pollution, and thus help our guests experience more contact with nature, promoting good sleeping patterns.
We have used traditional Papuan style building materials, in order to be in harmony with the nature environment surrounding us.
We continually check our generators, outboard motors, and compressors, and provide maintenance before the required time, in order to reduce hazardous emissions, to offset their carbon footprint. All our machines have updated logbooks, with the number of hours of operation. We change the oil before the maintenance date recommended by the factory.

We hope you understand after this reading we are a truly eco resort in Raja Ampat, and why not? In the World!