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Eco diver advanced adventurer package

Advanced Adventurer

Raja Ampat biodiversity- Eco diver courses

Raja Ampat biodiversity- Eco diver courses

This program is available over a minimum of a 4 to 5 day stay. Here we look to fine tune your diving skills and further develop your knowledge about the marine environment and how to help protect it

Advanced Adventure Course

A series of 5 dives over 2 to 3 days including, deep, navigation and perfect bouyancy these are core dives after which you have the choice of 2 more from: Boat Diving, Waves,tides and currents, Fish I.D, Night Diving, and Underwater photography.

In this course you will gain more experience diving in different areas under the supervision of a dive Instructor. If you already have perfect buoyancy this dive can be substituted for another dive. Each of these dives acts as an introduction in to new areas and environments of scuba diving. Each of these dives can be counted towards a full diving specialty in that area.

The Perfect Buoyancy Specialty course will be a prerequisite to your Ecodiver Course. This course will greatly enhance your comfort and safety for every dive, by improving ascents and descents, equipment trimming for streamlining, and body positioning, after the course you’ll find you will be using less air and be able to hover comforatbly over corals and reefs without causing any damage. The most important aspect of perfect buoyancy is that it allows the diver to conserve the aquatic environment, dive safely and protect their scuba equipment. The Perfect Buoyancy course consists of two open water training dives and includes the following:

Perfect Buoyancy fundamentals: buoyancy check, fine-tuning buoyancy underwater, weight position and distribution, streamlining, and visualization.

We will guarantee that the course will dramatically improve your underwater experience and reduce your impact on the ocean ecosystem.

We will also cover Marine Ecology with you, the details for this course are outlined below.

Our Other Marine Eco based course are:

Experience in coral nurseries, planting , maintaining of our coral nursery.

Beach clean ups as well as underwater clean ups

Fish identification is key for underwater surveys and biodiversity studies. As well as knowing what you are seeing on your dives. Our Instructor will guide you through the best techniques to Identify different species of fish and marine life.