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Community program

Biodiversity Eco Resort is a great believer in communities and supporting the local community as much as we can.  Raja Ampat is luckier than other areas of Indonesia in that the local community is aware of the value of their environment and the need to look after it in order to support their way of life.  Having said this there are still areas that the community needs support in to further improve their way of life and ensure long term and sustainable tourism for future generations.  With this in mind we have undertake several programs to support the future generations of Raja Ampat.


Our Community Programs

English Teacher

Remote locations prove difficult to provide full educational systems to, and implementation of full curricular limited.  Biodiversity Eco Resort employs a Full time English teacher for the local Yenbeser Village School.  His main role is to teach English to the school children in the mornings and to their families in the evenings: English teacher in Yenberser

We aid with curriculum design and implantation of different activities to get the community children involved, we are now running monthly competitions which include spelling beats, poster designs, and arts and crafts.  We each term provide equipment along with our marine biologist to take the children snorkeling and see their underwater surrounding clearing while learning more about the importance in preserving these beautiful reefs.

Our aim is to provide a community driven program with creative learning to help improve the employment opportunities for these children in later years.  With empowerment and support they can achieve much more.

Building dive guides

Each year we take on a number of local villages and train them as Scuba Divers and take them through their rescue training allowing them to look for employment within the area and other diving locations around Indonesia.

Those dive guides we take into our employ we commit to improving their training and helping them further develop their professional levels to broaden their employment perspectives after Biodiversity.

Support local trade

In every way we can we always try to buy local products from the local community with purchases of Coconut Oil, Bananas, Mangos, Pineapples, and fish.  With only buying line caught fish and no reef fish species.

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