Coral reef conservation

/Coral reef conservation

Coral Reef Fascinating Facts

Corals are ancient and simple animals related to jellyfish and anemones of the Phylum Cnideria. An individual coral is made up of hundreds and thousands of genetically identical polyps forming a colony. A polyp is a very small and simple organism, it consists a simple stomach topped by a tentacle-bearing mouth. The polyps extend [...]

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Corals and Coral Reefs

Coral Biology We know that over 70% of this planet is made up of water, from lakes, rivers seas and oceans.  Reef systems actually only cover around 2% of this vast water expanse and are still visible from space.  For such a small footing they play a very important role to life on earth.  [...]

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Biodiversity Coral Nursery – Follow Up

RAJA AMPAT BIODIVERSITY ECO RESORT CORAL NURERY UPDATE. It has now been 5 months since we started our very own coral nursery right here on our house reef. We have now had a number of marine biologists work on this project and our resident marine biologist Mem with one of our guest marine biologists Andrea [...]

Raja Ampat Nursery

Biodiversity Eco Resort starts Coral Nursery Many things have happened during the last month and we are very happy to share the news with you. First of, we have two new members in our team, Sadam, a dive guide from Bunaken with eagle eyes to spot even the tiniest pygmy seahorses, and Liko, our [...]

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